Top 10 Cancer Causing Foods You Need to Stop Eating Immediately

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Increasing levels of pollution and wrong lifestyle choices are making us more vulnerable to an array of health ailments. Cancer stands out as one of the biggest risk which looms over the modern millennials. Keeping such things in mind, we will base our todays discussion on certain food items whichcan add inertia to the growth of cancer cells and should thus be avoided at all cost.

#1 Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs): 

Both GMOs as well as the chemicals which assist in its growth can lead to rapid tumour growth. GMOs can be traced everywhere ranging from conventional corn to canola and soybean derivatives.

You can walk down a safe path by sticking to certified non-GMO verified, certified organic and locally-grown foods produced naturally without biotechnology.

#2 Microwave Popcorn:

In spite of seeming like an extremely convenient option, the popcorn kernels available in chemically-lined bags rank pretty high in carcinogenic department.

Be it the GMO oil and kernels or the fumes released by diacetyl containing artificial butter flavouring, everything can prove to be toxic for humans.As a tastier and healthier alternative, you can opt for organic popcorn.

#3 Canned Goods:

They come next in ourlist of top cancer causing food as the cans are lined with bisphenol-A or BPA which is infamous for genetically altering brain cells of rats. BPA can also be found in water lines, plastic goods as well as many dental composites.

You can protect your DNA by consuming fresh or frozen vegetables which can be availed round the year. 

#4 Grilled Red Meat:

We agree that grilled red meat is an extremely tasty food item. However, on being grilled, red meat releases heterocyclic aromatic amines which is an infamous carcinogen. You can alternatively bake, broil or prepare it in a skillet.

#5 Refined Sugar:

High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is the biggest cancer causing food item as they can cause insulin spikes and accelerate the growth rate of cancer cells. HFCS can be found in sodas, pies, cookies, cereals, sauces as well as other processed food items.

#6 Pickled, Salted & Smoked Food:

These food items are loaded with preservatives for adding to its shelf life. However, these additives tend to accumulate in your body and cause cellular damage over time. In extreme cases, they can even lead to grave diseases like cancer.

On being cooked at high temperatures, the nitrate content of these smoked foods get converted to more dangerous nitrates.

#7 Carbondated Beverages & Soda:

Sodas have high content of high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and other toxic chemicals which are detrimental for our health. Additional, they have completely no nutritional value and rather rob our body from all the essential nutrients which are derived from our regular meals.

People often think that drinking diet soda or beverages can safeguard them from all chances of toxicity. However, it just leads to the consumption of aspartame whose effect is equivalent to what rat poison does to human cells.

#8 Refined Flour:

All kinds of nutritional value gets removed from refined flour on refinement which ultimately gets bleached with chlorine gas for adding to its consumer appeal. Refined flour also has very high glycemic index which can spike your insulin level without actually providing any nutritional value

Its excess carbohydrate count can pose a serious cause of concern as it leads to hiked up levels of insulin resistance. Consuming refined flour on a regular basis can lead to 220% rise in chances of breast cancer amongst women.

They can also add inertia to rise in blood sugar levels which as we all know accentuates the growth and spread of cancer cells.

#9 Farmed Fish:

This is another high-risk cancer food as the commercially farmed fish gets contaminated with carcinogenic chemicals, flame retardants, antibiotics, pesticides and PCBs. They also have low level of essential Vitamin D and omega-3 as compared to wild salmon.

#10 Hydrogenated Oils: 

These oils have high chemical content which ultimately changes its smell as well as taste. Additionally, they are also packed with unhealthy omega-6 fats which can alter our cell membrane structure.

Bottom line

Avoiding these above-mentioned food items in its entirety can bring down your chances of succumbing to this grievous disease. So, bid adieu to these delicious yet dangerous food for welcoming in a healthier tomorrow.


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