13 Foods to Avoid While Breastfeeding

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A healthy breastfeeding diet is the same as a nutritious diet. While breastfeeding, a woman needs about 400 to 500 more calories per day.

When you are feeding your baby, it is essential to have a proper diet so that your baby gets the necessary nutrients and has a sufficient amount of breast milk. Also, if a mother notices that the child is constantly fussy not long after she eats a certain food, then that food is possibly disturbing the baby.

Foods and Drinks to Avoid While Breastfeeding

#1 Fish

Fish are an excellent origin of protein and also omega-3 fatty acids, fine to eat sparingly during breastfeeding. Some types of fish, like king mackerel and tilefish, have a high stratum of mercury. This harmful mercury may make its way into your breast milk and can harm your baby. Be more careful, while eating fish try to eat not more than five ounces of fish.

#2 Spices

Most infants are irritated with spicy food. Just a small amount of pepper is enough to hurt some babies, so avoid spicy foods too. Babies become irritable over a long period. Therefore it is good to reduce the spices in your food when you breastfeeding your babies.

#3 Coffee

Coffee includes too much caffeine and also any of this caffeine can end up in your breast milk, babies can’t digest caffeine as it is harmful to them. This extra caffeine in the body can hurt them, causing sleepiness, irritation and crankiness. While caffeine is in high amounts, it can reduce the iron levels in milk and can lower the hemoglobin scale in the baby. Thus the most suitable solution is to take 2 cups of caffeine a day only.

#4 Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are an astonishing origin of vitamin C, yet it may hurt your infant’s stomach because of acidic components in it, so avoid citrus fruits too. Citrus fruit gastrointestinal tract is unripe they are unable to cope with these acid constituents, resulting in disorderliness, diaper rashes, and so on. However, you do not have to completely remove citrus fruits from your diet.

#5 Broccoli

If your baby has a gassy problem, then this indicates that you ate broccoli too much. Another gassy food such as Beans, lentils, cucumber and cauliflower which are mostly avoided, when you breastfeeding your baby.

#6 Alcohol

Alcohol reaches from mother to child through breast milk and can affect babies neurological progress. Even, after a full nine months of not drinking, you may occasionally have a beer or a glass of wine. If you want to drink alcohol, then you can drink a few units once a week, this will didn’t hurt your child. When the level exceeds, then there may be a decrease in milk release, that is not good for your baby.

#7 Garlic

Some of the babies like the smell of garlic but some hate it. If your baby is inconvenient when you breastfeeding, the reason can be garlic. Sometimes babies irritate and fussy when they find the strong smell of garlic while breastfeeding. So limit garlic also.

#8 Chocolate

The caffeine in chocolate does not only cause difficulties with your baby sleep, but it has a purgative impact on many babies too. Eat it in less amount and mostly avoid it while breastfeeding.

#9 Peppermint and Sage

When you take peppermint and sage in high quantity, then it can lower the production of breast milk. So when you eat such herbs, keep an eye on the amount of milk supply. When your baby is in the stage where he requires more extra milk than normal, then you avoid these herbs too.

#10 Dairy Products

Some children maybe not like cow’s milk; whenever the mother drinks cow’s milk or has dairy products in it, allergens entering the breast milk disturb the child. If your infant shows up any sign of vomiting and colic, then this indicates that you should quit drinking dairy products for some time.

#11 Corn

Corn allergy is common in some infants and children. This can cause rashes and distress the infants. If you see any of this then stops eating corn too.

#12 Sushi

If you eat sushi that doesn’t have any mercury fish, then this is fine for your baby. It is secure since the listeria bacteria that is present in undercooked food are not simply transferred into breast milk.

#13 Wheat

Another ordinary food issue is gluten intolerance it is caused by a sensitive stomach, bloody stools, and humidity. This problem can be cured by removing wheat in your food. Once you have done your breastfeeding your baby, then you can eat it in a lower amount.


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