8 Foods to Never Eat When You Have Joint Pain

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Joints are the tissues which connect the bones and help the body in making movements. While these days many people are suffering from joint pains, muscle aches and bone pains which are occurred along with the joint pain which makes things worse.

The main cause of joint pain includes arthritis, gout, injuries, dislocated bones and lupus. If you suffer from joint pains then you need to avoid these 8 foods in your daily routine to improve your bone health.

8 Foods to Never Eat When You Have Joint Pain


Taking high amount of sugar in your food this will result to increase AGEs, this may result in inflammatory agents called cytokines which makes severe pain in your joints.

Intake of excess sugar will also lead you to gain weight which causes more pain to your joints. We are recommended to take natural sugars such as honey and which was in fruits like mango. Goa can be taken.


Dairy products may also cause of releasing high inflammation in your body although it contains number of proteins. In some people the protein may irritate the tissue around the joints. It’s better to take almond, soy milk, and margarine instead of  taking dairy products. To avoid joint pain you need to keep dairy products out of your diet.


Alcohol is not just harmful to the liver but it also increases the joint pains. Beer contains purines which are converted in to uric acid and causes extremely detrimental to joint pain. Beer also contains gutile which is harmful for fragile joints.


Red and processed meat contains chemicals like purine and nitrate which aggravate pain and inflammation in the body. It also takes part in toxins like glycation and products AGEs. Several studies have shown that taking red meats can also increase the growth of cancer and worsens inflammation.


Many foods contain excessive salts and preservative for longer shelf life, but this salt is high in addictives and chemicals which is cause for fluid imbalance in the body. You need to avoid salt because it prevents loss of calcium which is needed for bones. Junk food contains high amount of salt eat it in reduced amount or instead replace the table salt with sea salt or Himalaya salt.


Grains contain high glycemic which produces more AGEs and increases inflammation. Several studies have shown that daily consumption of wheat products and grains may leads to cause of many diseases that raise the risk of heart issues, diabetes and even in growing the cancer. Replace this food with coconuts, almond and brown rice.


MSD is added to the foods for improving taste of the food and is often added to soups, salad dressings. This addictive may seriously increases joint paints and inflammation.


Corn oil is rich in omega 6 fatty acids this may triggers in high inflammation in the body. The food like potato chips, peanuts, salad dressing and grape seed oil are also rich in omega 6 fatty acids avoid these food instead  replace it with healthy anti inflammatory omega 3 alternatives such as olive oil and pumpkin seeds.

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