Unbelievable Easy Ways to Remove Baby Poop Stains

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When was the last time you held out your bundle of joy only to be showered by a little explosion from his/her bottom! Poop stains is one of the biggest complaints of new moms and this is exactly what we are going to discuss about today.

#1 Firstly, you will have to remove the poop from the garments and cloth diapers as soon as possible. You can make use of a cloth diaper sprayer in such a scenario to make things easier.

#2 If the poop has landed on the carpet, then you need to be extra cautious about picking that up. Here you can use rubber gloves or a plastic bag and make sure not to mash anything onto the floor.

#3 Next you will have to soak the garment stained with poop in cold water. A spray bottle can serve you well while soaking cloth diapers and carpets stained with poop. Warm water tends to intensify the stains making it imperative to use cold water.

#4 While rinsing the item, you need to scrub the stained region. Fingers can serve as the easiest way out for scrubbing the stains although it might come off as extremely gross. You can thus make use of a dedicated scrubber or toothbrush which is specialized at cleaning such types of stains.

#5 You can get your hands on a variety of stain removers which are readily available in the market. They can be either synthetic or natural in composition. But in both the cases, these removers need to deal with the stains in an effective fashion and that too with minimal scrubbing.

#6 Once you are done with the scrubbing, you can throw the garments or upholstery into your laundry machine. Here you need to set the washer to a heavy-duty setting and select the hottest sanitization cycle.

#7 If the stain doesn’t wash away even after a heavy-duty session with the washer, then you will have to add in some hydrogen peroxide or bleach to the cycle.

#8 As and when the stain gets removed, you will have to toss the garment inside the dryer once again. Alternatively, you can hang out the clothes in the sun following the main wash. This needs to be done while the clothes are still wet.

However, you should hang the printed or colored clothes inside out to keep them buffered from getting faded over time. Hanging the clothes in ‘hot dog style’ can prevent the elastics from stretching out.

Final Words

The key to removing poop stains effectively if taking prompt action rather than letting the stain sit. So, just try out the steps mentioned above and say hello to nice and clean fabrics once again.


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