How to Stop a Cold or Flu In Its Tracks: Naturally (Best Herbs + Easy Natural Remedy Recipes)

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When a person travels in the air, or a person may expose to the people possessing germs might catch a cold easily. Cold identified by the symptoms of throat soreness, continuous sneezing, and nose blockage makes the person sick. Specific things accompanied to remain healthy and reduce the duration of cold existence in the body.

Natural remedies to get rid of cold:

1.Carom Seeds to treat cough

Carom seeds added to tulsi leaves into the boiling water. Consuming this leaves helps to prevent cough. It also assists in easing chest congestion. Mustard is utilized to collapse the mucus present in the air passages. Phytochemicals present in onion support to open bronchitis and several related infections of the respiratory system.

2. Green and Black Tea to cure your Cold and Flu

Green tea and black tea comprise of catechin possessing antibiotic as well as anti-diarrhea properties fights against infections of cold and flu. Ginger possesses increased antibiotic characteristics that avoid the occurrence of the cold. Ginger put into steaming water to prepare tea which relieves the signs of sinus as well as nasal congestion.

3. Garlic to improve the immune system

Raw garlic exhibits antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties that fight against the cold. Garlic improves the functionality of the immune system and decreases the cough symptoms in the body.

4. Turmeric to ease throat soreness

Turmeric rich source of antimicrobial characteristics manages the immune system. It reduces the cold symptoms and decreases the duration cold in individuals. Turmeric added to warm milk along with pepper affords an excellent relieve for throat soreness and blocked nose signs.

5. Honey to enhance the immune system

Honey combined with lukewarm lime water restrains cold, and cough. Honey possesses an additional property enhancing digestion leading to improved blood circulation. This property makes the enhanced functioning of the immune system.

6. Flaxseeds to aid cold

Another traditional medication to decrease cold utilizes flaxseeds contributing great relief from cold. Flaxseeds added to boiling water and let the liquid thicken after that strain the liquid in a container. Honey and lemon juice added to the mixture serving as the best medication for the cold.

7. Black pepper to diminishes the occurrence of mucus

Black pepper rich in antibacterial property reduces the presence of mucus in the respiratory passages. Black pepper combined with cumin and jaggery added for taste to the boiling water relieves the chest congestion to a great extent.

8. Amla to increase blood flow in the body

Amla outlasts as a dominant immunomodulator battle against several diseases. Consuming one amla daily basis contributes to immense health profits assuring precise functionality of the liver and enhance the blood flow in the body.

9. Cinnamon to increase blood circulation

Cinnamon possesses antifungal as well as analgesic characteristics that increase the warm temperature of the body by expanding blood vessels. Cinnamon used as a flavor in many dishes but adding the ingredients into the boiling water makes as tea. This tea consumed two, or three times a day avoids the occurrence of cold in a person.

10.  Thyme helps in cold and cough

Aromatic herb Thyme belongs to the mint category readily available in the kitchen. Thyme exhibits vital antimicrobial properties that combine thymol and tannins.  Thyme added to boiling water along with onions and garlic allows the liquid to thicken.

The resulting syrup strained to the tea solution, honey added for taste. Thyme serves as a tonic in resolving cold and cough problems.


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