10 Health Benefits of Having Houseplants

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We all know that plants are good for our health as well as for the environment. But how much the houseplants are good for the atmosphere inside your home? And how they can make your home a happy and healthy place?

Here are the ten health benefits of backing that you should have a few houseplants in your home.

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 1. Plants reduce stress:

According to numerous researches, plants inside your home can help you to reduce stress. The greenery around you will give you a sense of calmness. Plants can also play an essential role in maintaining healthy blood pressure. They make you feel better, relaxed, and ultimately healthy.

 2. They keep the air clean and healthy:

The air around you is usually unhealthy due to pollutants and tiny toxic substances. Plants have that amazing ability to collecting tiny dust particles. As we all know, plants reduce the amount of carbon dioxide from the air and convert it into oxygen.

Humidity from the plants also improves the air quality inside your home. Houseplants like Epipremnum and Spathiphyllum are the great air-purifiers.

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 3. Houseplants can improve the blocked nose:

Having plants around you can reduce the chances of colds and stuffy nose by about 30%! Foliage found in the houseplants increases the humidity and gets rid of dust particles, which are usually responsible for triggering sneezing, and ultimately cold.

 4. Plants keep the common allergies at bay!

The presence of houseplants can reduce the chances of having allergies to some extent. If you have children in your home, having houseplants become even more important. Children in a green environment are at a lower risk of developing common allergies.

 5. Plants improve the acoustics in the house:

You might be surprised to know that plants can even absorb the background noise and can improve the acoustics in your home. If you are moving to a new house or office, it is worth considering having a beautiful collection of houseplants. It can make your home or workplace a quieter, calming, and comfortable place.

6. Plants can get rid of cigarette smoke:

That cigarette smoke is annoying for almost all of us! If you are also frustrated with that uncomfortable and unhealthy smell, you can think about having a few houseplants. Plants can filter the toxins of cigarette smoking.

Do you have a regular smoker at home? Try and ask to quit the smoking, if you can’t do that, have the spathiphyllum, the peace lily plant at your home. At least, you can reduce the adverse effects of passive smoking to some extent!

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7. Plants help you to sleep comfortably:

Are you concerned about your disturbed sleep pattern? Are you suffering from those annoying sleepless nights? Air-purifying plants can make your bedroom’s climate better and comfortable. Thanks to their oxygen-generating capacity, extraordinary beauty, and soothing power, plants can help to sleep better.

 8. They improve your focus:

A healthy environment, clean air, and a better space of mind can surely enhance your focus. And having a greener living space can give you all that! You should have some plants inside your home, especially if your home is also your workplace.

Having a green, natural backdrop around you can have amazing restorative effects. So, if you’re struggling with your focus during studies or work, considering having some houseplants can be a great idea.

 9. Plants reduce the risk of headaches:

Formaldehyde is a gas used for the production of carpets and leather products, and sometimes it can be present in your indoor environment. In addition to formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene are also responsible for causing headaches. According to some researches, plants can remove these gasses and can easily counter headaches.

 10. Plants can lift your mood:

Having depression or feeling low has been a ubiquitous part of today’s modern life. If you are also suffering from depressing, sudden mood swings, unnecessary anger, etc., you can have plants inside your home.

Plants make you feel better by ensuring a better mental state, providing positive energy and a sense of happiness and calmness. In short, the plant can lift your mood very easily.

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