15 Symptoms of Histamine Intolerance and Foods to Avoid

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Histamine intolerance refers to the term when your body starts producing histamine in your body. It is affecting 1% of the population. People often misunderstood with food allergies or any other gastrointestinal disorder. Anything can lead to histamine intolerance, environment, nutritional deficiencies or diet. Many food products produce histamine that interferes with normal body programming and then, can cause many other diseases.


15 Symptoms of Histamine Intolerance and Foods to Avoid


Histamine is produced inside our body and if you have histamine intolerance, that can mess up with your body functions. Histamine is an allergic substance which promotes allergic reaction in our body. Headaches are the most common symptom is one of the allergic symptoms is this. Headaches can be irritating for you.

2.Itching and hives

Another symptom of an allergic reaction is itching. Histamine activates itching reactions. You might have some rashes on your body and that can irritate you. Itching can be irritating too and that can even be for the whole day. Hives are also rashes that are triggered by any intolerant food, medicine that you have taken.

3.Flushing of the face and neck area

Redness is a common symptom when you have any allergic reaction. Rashes along with redness can be seen and it can be present on the whole face and neck area. Histamine production can have various adverse effects and rashes and redness on the face and neck is common. The itching will be present too.

4.Accelerated Heart Rate

Histamine is very much involved in the circulation of blood. When the food produces histamine, it interferes with the heart process of circulating blood and that increases blood circulation which accelerates the heart rate. You will found your heart flickered or skipped a beat after eating food. That can be heart palpitations that are easily noticeable after eating food.

5.Anxiety or Panic attacks

Well, anxiety is also common in one’s body who is dealing with histamine intolerance. Histamine sensitivity reaction can cause the blood vessels to dilate. Due to dilatation of blood vessels, more blood gets between the vessels and that accelerates the heart rate and in turn, produces anxiety or panic attacks.

6.Dry mouth

Due to the rapid heartbeat or anxiety or the panic attacks that you are getting, dry mouth feeling occurs. You will feel that you need to drink again and again and need for the fluids in your body get increased. As your body is dealing with a lot, rapid heartbeat and anxieties, dry mouth is also another symptom that you need to take care of.

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7.Nasal congestion and sneezing

Histamine is the responsible one for all your congestion, sneezing, redness and itching. When you have any food that is rich with histamine, it will produce histamine. Then, in your body histamine will go and activate the mast cells. Mast cells are responsible for all types of allergic reaction and that can lead to various things: redness, nasal congestion, sneezing and all. Anti-histamines are used in stopping the sneezing.


You must have noticed that when you are having a common cold, you feel tires. All the time, you want to have rest. This all occurs because of the production of histamine. Histamine is the reason why fatigue occurs when you are suffering from histamine intolerance. Histamine induces many other symptoms like running nose, stuffy nose, sneezing, redness and many others. This all can combine and then you start feeling weak and need rest. Fatigue is a common symptom of histamine intolerance.

9.Dizziness or vertigo

Histamine intolerance can be harmful to you in many ways. Histamine induces allergic reaction and even produces mucus in your nose. A stuffy nose is a sign for histamine reactions. This mucus can block the channels of nose and ear. The ear is not only responsible for hearing but also balance. And, mucus can block balance. This produces dizziness and even severe form of dizziness that is known as vertigo.

10.Tissue swelling

Rashes are also a good sign that you need to know about histamine intolerance. Tissue swelling occurs and produces redness. They can even cause itching in your body and is responsible for a lot of irritation.

11.Difficulty in sleeping

Because of a stuffy nose, continuous itching, redness, swelling and a lot more symptoms, you might feel restless at night. You can encounter difficulty in sleeping.

12.Irregular menstrual cycles

Menstruation can also get affected because of all this. Stress, anxiety and vertigo can cause delay of the menstrual cycle.

13.Low blood pressure

Low blood pressure is also seen in the person suffering from the histamine intolerance.


Nausea feeling can also be there. You might want to throw out whatever you have eaten. Or maybe you don’t want to eat at all.


Vomiting is the symptom of histamine intolerance and you may throw out whatever you eat.

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Managing your diet plan can be useful for preventing this disease. A low histamine diet should be followed for better health of yours. There is a list of food items that you can avoid for not getting histamine intolerance. Just look at that.

  • It is better to eat food which is made by you. Avoid eating ready-made food or canned vegetables or foods as they are a good source of histamine and can produce allergic reactions.
  • Avoid eating fermented foods like cheese, alcohol, stale fish or products containing yeast. They are histamine-releasing products that you should avoid.
  • Don’t allow foods to keep outside the refrigerator as they can be allergic.
  • Your kitchen area should be clean, so no germs can enter and you can be free of histamines.
  • All the products should be clean, fresh and hygienic so that you can be free of histamines.
  • Only buy and eat fresh products. Fresh products have a low level of histamines. Try eating them.
  • Everyone has their levels of histamine threshold that you need to find of yours.

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