10 Worst Foods To Avoid On An Empty Stomach

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You might have heard that breakfast is one of the most important meals throughout the day. Many people opt for piece of fruit, smoothie, compared to cup of coffee and pastry in belief that they are making the best choice to be healthy all day long.

While others, opt for skipping breakfast. But, a healthy breakfast should include fiber, protein and healthy fat that give you energy and make you feel full.

Unhealthy food can make you feel sluggish that lead you to weight gain and increase the risk of chronic diseases.

10 Worst Foods To Avoid On Empty Stomach

1. Fruit Juices


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All fruit juices available in market are filled with added sugars, artificial flavors, coloring and preservatives. Drinking these juices on an empty stomach will boost your blood sugar levels and gives you energy that holds only for short period.

After some time, your blood sugar crashes and you begin to crave for something better to eat. So, instead of drinking fruit juices in breakfast better to opt for fruits which contain vitamins and proteins that keep you full for longer time.

2. Tomatoes


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Tomatoes contain high levels of tannic acid that increases the acidic content in stomach which lead us to experience gastric ulcers.

They might work as a great side dish in your breakfast but not alone. Instead eat them along with slices of bread or you can even serve them along with scrambled eggs.

3. Coffee Or Tea


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You might think coffee and tea will help you to improve wakefulness in the morning, but drinking caffeine on an empty stomach isn’t a good idea to continue.

It actually leaves you sluggish and dehydrated and even increases anxiety, raise blood pressure and cause mood swings.

Additionally coffee is generally acidic that worsens acid reflux, ulcers and other digestive issues. But, you don’t need to cut off completely from your routine, you just need to drink it after breakfast instead of before.

4. Pastries


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Pastries like Danishes and brioche bread slices might taste delicious but, it’s not best to eat them in the morning especially in your breakfast.

All these pastries are not only full of butter and artificial sweeteners, but they also contain yeast. The yeast present in the ingredients isn’t bad, but it can worsen the condition of Candida.

Replace these sweets with whole grain sprouts or something like bread or home style potatoes.

5. Citrus Fruits


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Even though it’s good to eat fruits in the morning, never go for citrus fruits like oranges, lemons of grapefruits. These fruits contain high amount of vitamin C and citric acid that damages the mucus membrane and lead us to experience heartburn and gastritis.

6. Yogurt


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A bowl of plain yogurt topped with berries is a great example of healthy breakfast. But, not all yogurts are good option to have in the early morning on an empty stomach.

In fact, many flavored non fat yogurt contain more sugar than a comparable serving of ice cream. However, fat can make you feel full for longer time but it also triggers the release of fullness hormones.

7. Carbonated Beverages


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Carbonated beverages such as soda and other drinks not only contain high amount of fat but even ridiculous amount of sugar, artificial flavoring agents as well as food coloring and preservatives.

Even the cold temperature of these beverages tends to slow down the blood circulation in the gastrointestinal track and slow down the digestive process. So is never a good idea especially in the morning.

8. Green Vegetables


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It’s a known fact that green vegetables are often good for maintaining healthy body. But not in the breakfast, while there are good source of lactic acid, minerals and vitamins the roughage contain within the produce will lead to abdominal discomfort in the form of digestive and gas trouble issues.

9. Bananas


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If you eat bananas as breakfast in the morning, they will lead to increase of magnesium content in your blood which may harm your heart.

It is also acidic in nature and eating acidic food on empty stomach may lead to experience problems in the intestines. And getting a boost of sugar in the morning can make you feel drowsy and energy drained after couple of hours.

10. Pears


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Although pears are healthy snack with full of vitamins, minerals like potassium and low in calories, but it is advised to avoid it in the breakfast.

Pears also contain crude fiber that can damage mucus membrane of your tummy when eaten on an empty stomach. So, make sure to avoid it in your breakfast.

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