15 Clever New-Born Hacks For New Moms

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Having a baby and handling them can be overwhelming, right? But, don’t worry we have got some baby hacks that help you as new parents even for bathing, dressing and changing your new born like a pro.

1. Use Kitchen Sink For Your Baby Bath

Kitchen sink is the best place for the height of your baby as bathtub, especially when you are recovering from child birth.

2. Put Diaper Under Dirty One

Placing diaper under the dirty one will make it easier for you to change diaper. However, it is dangerous to keep diaper off too long for little babies.

3. Don’t Forget To Moisturize Your Baby Cradle Cap

Moisturize cradle cap with a bit of coconut oil, and use a baby comb gently to gradually remove the flaking skin.

4. Save Space In Diaper Bag

Save space in diaper bag by just rolling the backup outfit in to a sock.

5. Prepare The Mixture Of Stain Remover

Make your own nearly perfect stain remover by using a baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

6. Save Space In your Drawers

You can save lots of space in your drawer by rolling up your baby’s clothes.

7. Make Momsicles For Your Teething Baby By Freezing Pacifiers In Breast Milk

Well, these momsicles will soothe their sore gums and even provides nourishment.

8. Carry Ziploc Bags While Travelling With Baby

Don’t forget to pack all baby needs in a Ziploc bag including diapers and socks in an organized way and you stay sane while travelling.

9. Keep A Chart On the Side Of The Baby Medicine

If you are giving medicine to your bay, then pierce a hole on the tip of the open ended pacifier to create a small opening. It will be easier for the baby to take it. Chart on baby medicine will help you to track the doses.

10. Use Pool Noodle To Carry Your Baby In Car

Pool noodle will help to carry the baby in the car by avoiding the pressure on your arms.

11. Cut Your Baby Nails After They Sleep

It’s the best time to remove baby nails peacefully. It’s better to cut them after half an hour of baby sleep.

12. Make Your Own Beach Play Yard In Beach

If you are taking your baby to beach, then make sure to have own beach play yard where your baby is comfortable with! Bring your mattress covers and use your tortes as corner anchors.

13. Use Glue Gun To Plug Bath Toy Holes

You don’t need to worry while cleaning the toys of your baby after making holes with glue gun.

14. Use Vegetable Oil To Clean Your Baby

Using natural vegetable oil on your newborn during diaper change will make cleaning up their first sticky poops way easier.

15. Choose For Sleepers That Zip Up

Go for sleepers that zip up and not the ones with snaps that never line up. However, faster is better when your baby is wiggling around and anyways it is considered as a seventh outfit change of the body.

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