How Does Garlic Help Control Dandruff?

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Dandruff is an increasing problem experienced by many young and old people across the world. Generally dryness in the scalp and infections lead us to experience itchiness and flakiness that results in causing dandruff.

You might have used many expensive hair products to get solution for this problem and to maintain healthy nourishing scalp. But it seems to be nothing worked out as you wish.

Okay, let me ask you one thing have you ever tried  garlic to prevent dandruff? No, then this is the thing you need to use to get rid of this problem. However garlic is known as one of the ancient herb loaded with anti inflammatory, anti fungal and anti bacterial properties which also make it apt for medicinal use too.

Benefits Of Garlic

The anti oxidants and essential nutrients in this wonderful bulb help to treat diseases like skin allergies, infections, high blood pressure, toothache, constipation, unwanted weight gain, hair loss etc.

Garlic also contains vitamin A, B, C calcium, phosphorous, zinc and also powerful compound called allicin that provides nourishment to the hair and scalp and clears scalp infections that produce dandruff.

This wonderful kitchen ingredient can be taken in any form to enjoy its benefits. Direct consumption in your regular diet will provide vital nutrients to the skin scalp or extracts in shampoos and soaps can easily treat dandruff.

How Garlic Will Help To Eliminate Dandruff

  • Strengthens Immunity

Garlic is enriched with essential nutrients and anti oxidants that helps to fight and prevent diseases by strengthening the immune system. It is effective in preventing diseases such as sebborhoeic dermatitis and dandruff too.

It also helps to regulate the production of antigens and red blood cells which help combat and prevent illness.

  • Improve Blood Flow And Regulate Sebum Production

The presence of nutrients in garlic helps to improve the blood flow in the scalp and regulates the amount of sebum production. It even strengthens the hair roots and protects hair follicles and gives you strong, shiny and thick hair.

  • Prevents Fungal And Bacterial Infections

The major cause of dandruff is fungal infections caused by fungus called malassezia furfur. The presence of antibiotic called allicin in garlic posses anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti inflammatory properties that clean the infection and hydrates the scalp.

Garlic also helps to relieve the itchiness and scaliness caused by dandruff in the scalp.

  • Improve General Health And Cures Diseases

The presence of antioxidants and phytonutrients present in garlic cloves helps in treating various diseases and improve general health of an individual.

Vitamins, minerals and oils present in garlic also helps in treating many health issues like lowering cholesterol, arthritis, skin inflammations, allergies, dandruff and ensures a healthy body.

How does garlic help control dandruff-``

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