How to Get Rid of Hickey in Minutes – 10 DIY Methods

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What is hickey?

Now a day’s hickey is a common incidence, also known as a kiss mark or love bites. It is actually known as bruise. Hickieys results from kissing or sucking the skin too hard, it causes broken capillaries & polling blood that turns the skin red or purple.

They are usually not painful or dangerous for the receiver and mean different to different people. Most people want to know whom they can be given to. A hickey is not sexual category but both men & women can get one from their colleague.

How long do Hickeys last?

If you have a hickey, you obligatory raise a question that how long does a hickey last?  But hickey is not a permanent mark; it fades with time and does not leave any scar behind. However, hickeys may stay behind for some time because of:

  • Hardness: some hickeys are more severe than others & take a longer time to cure. The damage done to the blood vessels in the skin will take time to fade away.
  • Personal health: your personal health will also affect how long you will have to live with a hickey.

How to Get Rid of a Hickey

Below are the top 10 ways to remove hickieys fast:

1 Cold Compress

By doing cold compress you can constricts the broken blood capillaries & reduces bleeding.

  • Take one ice piece in a paper towel & force down it against your skin for about 10-15 mins several times a day. Ice piece will help you in prevent swelling around the hickey & reduces the pain.

Note: If you have sensitive skin then do not apply ice piece directly on the skin because it can cause an ice burn.

  • Take a spoon and keep it in refrigerator for about 10 mints. Then, wrap the spoon in a cloth & lightly rub it over the affected skin area. Do this several times a day until the hickey is disappeared.

2 Massage

Massage has the ability to reduce hickey on your affected skin area. You can also use any essential oil to massage it. Massage the hickey by placing your two fingers on the affected area by rubbing or moving your fingers in circular motion in one direction.

By massaging the hickey you may observe a few outlines, but this is rare. How effective massaging is on a hickey depends on it severity.

3 Rubbing Alcohol

Alcohol has the cooling, calming & disinfectant properties that help to get rid of a hickey quickly. It is seen as the fastest way to get rid of a hickey.

Apply alcohol by rubbing to the hickey by a ball of cotton. Smoothly massage the area for several mins to assist minimizes any discomfort. If you have completed doing so, make sure to apply a moisturizing lotion because rubbing alcohol can dry out the skin. Rubbing alcohol to a hickey should be done a few times a day for 1 or 2 days.

4 Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is natural moisturizer well known for its anti inflammatory & soothing qualities. It helps in reducing the sensitivity of the affected skin area.

  • Extract aloe Vera gel and massage the gel into bruise. Repeat this 2 or 3 times a day.
  • In case if you don’t have aloe Vera plant at home, you can use an aloe Vera based cream or lotion & apply it on the affected skin area 2 or 3 times a day for 2 to 3 days.

5 Banana Peel

Banana peel also consist some amount of soothing properties & cooling properties that can help you in minimize your hickey fast.

  • Take peel of a ripe banana to size of your hickey.
  • Place inside of the peel on the bruise for 10-30 mints.
  • Repeat this 2-3 times a day to reduce the manifestation of the bruise.

6 Vitamin K

Vitamin K also has the properties to prevent coagulation (blood clots) & therefore can be used to treat bruise. This vitamin helps your body to stay reabsorb pooled blood & speed up the healing process.

  • Apply a lotion or cream rich in vitamin K to the hickey, 2 to 3 times a day until the bruise has vanished.
  • Make a habit of eating more vitamin k ingredients such as brown rice, spinach, soybean oil, and fish etc,
  • You can also take vitamin K supplements to facilitate the healing process.

7 Peppermint

  • Apply peppermint oil gently on the affected skin area. In the beginning there will be an itching sensation, but it will rapidly depart.
  • Do not use this remedy further than twice a day, as it can create irritation on the skin.
  • You can even use some peppermint based tooth paste on the affected area for a few mins.
  • Once the burning or itching has stopped, swab it off with a warm washing cloth.
  • Do not use this remedy more than once a day.

8 Orange

We all know that orange has good quality source of vitamin K, which is very important for healing of bruises. The vitamin also has bleaching properties that can help clear hickeys as soon as possible.

Sip orange juice as soon as possible when you perceive a hickey. You can also prepare & apply an orange pack directly on the affected skin area. The use of orange can remove a hickey rapidly.

9 Cocoa Butter

It also has effective healing agents for hickeys & other bruises. It promotes the growth of skin tissue & is an exceptional moisturizer. If you decide to use cocoa butter to take away your hickey, be relevant  after a warm squeeze to increase its effectiveness. Do not forget to massage the area for a while after application of cocoa butter.

10 Arnica Salve

It is a medically proven healing ointment.  It helps in plummeting the soreness & swelling when applied to hickey. It also has the ability to repair the broken blood capillaries in the skin. For best results use this Arnica salve it can do better for you

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