Is Peppermint Tea Safe in Early Pregnancy

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Often, drinking herbal tea will provide us relief from stress and it even treats certain health issues that are linked with constipation, nausea and other chronic intestinal ailments.

During pregnancy, it is really important to take care of everything we include in our diet. Even though drinking peppermint tea during pregnancy will provide relief from common early pregnancy symptoms. But it is important to know whether having peppermint tea during early pregnancy is beneficial and which side affects you may experience.

Is Drinking Peppermint Tea In Early Pregnancy Is Safe?

Drinking peppermint tea is generally safe during pregnancy. It is particularly useful for relieving morning sickness, dizziness, nausea and upset stomach during pregnancy. Let’s see benefits of side effects offer by having peppermint tea during early pregnancy.

Benefits Of Peppermint Oil During Early Pregnancy

Peppermint tea is certainly caffeine free and can be enjoyed without the adverse affects of caffeine during pregnancy.

  • Ease Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is common symptom can be seen in women in early pregnancy. The aroma of peppermint tea works as an antispasmodic and reduce the feeling of nausea and vomiting.

  • Soothe The Airways

Peppermint tea also helps in relieving respiratory issues during pregnancy. The powerful properties in peppermint tea help in relaxing all the muscles and airways that cause irritation in your respiratory track.

  • Prevents Gastrointestinal Disorders

Consuming peppermint tea regularly allows the digestive health of mother improve drastically. During pregnancy, women body undergoes several changes and many women complaint about experiencing bloating and indigestion.

Peppermint tea helps in soothe the stomach by relieving gas and crams as well.

This wonderful herbal tea also helps in lowers the blood pressure as well as the temperature, therefore prevent the stress hormones which cause internal harm to your body.

Apart from benefits, peppermint tea also has number of side effects during pregnancy.

  • Side Effects During pregnancy

1. Increase The Risk Of Miscarriage

If peppermint tea is consumed regularly will make the uterus relax and increase the risk of premature birth or even a miscarriage.

2. Cause Allergic Reactions

Drinking peppermint tea during pregnancy also results in experiencing allergic reaction for many women, especially if the mother is allergic to menthol and menthol products.

3. Interact With Medications

If peppermint tea is interact with medications used by women during pregnancy leads to improper functioning of internal organs.

Even consuming peppermint tea in excess amount during pregnancy can cause irregular heartbeats, muscle pains and even tremors in the limbs.

Precautions For Drinking Herbal Tea During pregnancy

There are other herbal teas that should be consumed during pregnancy to relieve the discomforts that are experienced as the body changes during pregnancy.

Well these teas include chamomile tea, ginger tea, thyme tea, red raspberry leaf tea.

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