10 Alarming Signs That Say Your Body Is Lacking Iron

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Iron is one of the most important mineral that produces hemoglobin which is nothing but a protein in red blood cells that carry oxygen to different parts of the body. The absence of hemoglobin or lack in iron mineral causes your muscles and tissues work ineffectively which often results in anemia.

According to several studies related to centers for disease control and prevention, about 50% of women are suffering with iron deficiency. But the percentage is even higher in physically active women.

The easiest way to know iron deficiency is just by blood test or the other alternative is to recognize the signs and symptoms shown by your body.

Here is a list of 10 alarming signs shown by your body, when you lack in iron.

1. Unusual Fatigue


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Fatigue is the first common symptom shown by your body, when you have iron deficiency. The lack of oxygen through red blood cells to different parts in the body often results in extreme tiredness and weakness that leads to cause of fatigue.

2. Dizziness Or Severe Headache


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Insufficient amount of iron will leads to severe headaches. It also leads to insufficient amount of oxygen supply to the brain that often results in causing swelling of blood vessels in brain.

This condition may end up in leading us to face dizziness because of low blood pressure and low supply of oxygen to different parts of the body.

3. Shortness Of Breath Or Chest Pain


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Due to the fact that hemoglobin is limited in the red blood cells and oxygen is also limited through the rest of your body. This way our body tries to compensate oxygen for all organs to function properly which results in shortness of breath or chest pain. 

4. Pale Skin


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Hemoglobin in the red blood cells is major reason to maintain healthy skin and however, it contributes the color of the skin. Lack of iron makes these blood cells become small and paler in the center which results in making our skin pale too.

Another alternative to identify the symptom of iron deficiency is by checking inside your eyelid, if it is lighter then you need to worry about lack of iron in your body.

5. Heart Palpitations


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Heart palpitation is also one of the common symptoms shown by iron deficiency. Lack of oxygen in our body will not only result in weak functioning of all organs in the body, it also has high impact on our heart too.

Severe cases can lead to heart failure too. Don’t worry, heart palpitation is the last symptom to worry about in identifying the symptoms of iron deficiency.

6. Skin And Hair Damage


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As our body has limited oxygen distribution to the most important organs and tissues in our body, lack of oxygen supply make our skin and hair become dry and extremely fragile.

A lack of protein called ferritin is known to cause these problems, because they are important for storing and releasing iron to all parts of the body over time.

7. Brittle Fingernails


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Brittle fingernails are the later symptom that appears in the last stages of anemia. This condition is also called as koinonychia in medical terms where the nails become abnormally thin and lose their convexity and become flat.

This condition starts to appear at the middle of nails and then spreads to edges then rise to give a rounded appearance like a spoon. Even those expensive manicures cannot hide them.

8. Swelling In The Tongue And Mouth


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The tongue is the first thing doctors check when we go for quick checkup. Because tongue and mouth is the indication of several health problems. If your tongue is swollen, discolored or inflamed then it is caused by iron deficiency. You can even find cracks in your mouth and tongue while you lack in iron.

9. Rest Less Legs


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Lack of iron in our body is also linked with restless legs syndrome. This condition is nothing but an urge to move your legs in the rest. This can also cause unpleasant and strange crawling or itchy sensations in the feet.

This syndrome gets worse especially during night, means the sufferers struggle to get much sleep.

10. Frequent Infections


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Iron deficiency is also associated with impairment of natural immunity and cell immediate immunity, thereby contributing increased risk of infections. Not only it is more difficult for the body to resist infection, it is even harder to fight against infections when it occurs.

If you are facing any one of the above symptoms, then immediately consult your doctor to get right treatment at right time to increase the iron levels in your body.

10 Alarming Signs That Say Your Body Is Lacking Iron

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