5 Beneficial Yoga Asanas to Treat Endometriosis

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Have you ever heard about endometriosis? If no then let me explain what is endometriosis. This is a chronic condition normally faced by women. A person with this condition experiences extreme pain in abdomen.

Usually in this condition the tissues present in the uterine shed at the time of menstruation which often results in fertility. The main cause of this condition is poor immune system and even stress and anxiety may worsen the condition.

How we can get rid of this pain? Are there any possible methods to treat the pain due to endometriosis? Of course, Yes.

Yoga is the simple and natural remedy that deals with pain and gives you relief. Well, yoga is also helpful to improve hormone balance and improve fertility. Along with yoga, controlled breathing exercises will also help you to reduce pain during menstrual cycle.

Do you want to get rid of this condition without using medication? Then here we go with wonderful 5 beneficial yoga asanas to treat endometriosis.

Beneficial Yoga Asanas To Treat Endometriosis

1. Goddess Pose

This is one of the most effective pose which makes menstruation easy and pain free. It also helps to stimulate abdominal organs and make your muscles stretchable.

How To Do

Stand straight and lean on backward direction with the support of your elbows. Now, lower your body to the floor so that your back get align with flour. And hold on the position for five minute by inhaling slowly. Come back to starting position and repeat this pose for 2-3 times.

2. Butterfly Pose

This is very easy pose and best pose to get rid of the pain and it also increases fertility in your body.

How To Do

This pose doesn’t need any stretching of hands and legs, just sit straight by keeping your back straight pull your legs in such a way that your heels face your pelvis region.

Now join the soles of your feet and hold the toes with your fingers, and bring heels together to groin area. Then move the knees up and down for couple of seconds and come back to starting position.

3. Locust Pose

This pose is also excellent for relieving abdomen pain and increasing  fertility. This will also help to reduce cramps and discomfort in the abdominal region which is a common symptom of endometriosis.

How to Do

This pose is also known as shalbasana and very easy to do.

You just need to lie down on the stomach by placing your hands on either side. Now, lift the legs in such a manner that they should be ten inches off from the ground and keep your legs erect. Hold on this position for few seconds and return back to starting point.

4. Shoulder Stand

This pose will help to balance the secretion of thyroid hormone and calms your nervous system, prevent constipation and gives you peaceful sleep.

How To Do

5 beneficial Yoga Asanas To Treat Endometriosis

Lie on your back by bending our knees and bring them close to the chest. Place elbows near your body and put your hands on back for support. Now raise your legs up facing the ceiling and hold on that position for few minutes.

Slowly come back to starting point by bringing one leg after the second. Women should strictly avoid this pose during menstrual period.

5. Thunderbolt Pose

This pose is very effective for proper functioning of organs in the abdominal region. This is very simple and easy among all of them.

How To Do:

This is a seated posture where you need to fold your legs and keep them beneath your hip and by putting your back straight. This position will help you for proper blood flow in pelvic region which prevents bloating and pain experienced due to endometriosis.

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