How Does Black Coffee Help In Weight Loss?

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A morning cup of Joe or an afternoon iced coffee can help spur your weight loss by providing a boost of caffeine that suppresses hunger. Also, black coffee has been shown to stimulate thermogenesis, which heats up the body and boosts metabolism.

Benefits of Black Coffee:

Coffee contains caffeine, which is most commonly consumed in the world.

Caffeine can boost the metabolic rate and increase fat burning, but after a while, in some people, it became tolerant to the effects and it stops working.

But black coffee doesn’t make you expend more calories in the long term, there is still a possibility that it blunts appetite and helps you eat less.

Caffeine includes most commercial fat-burning supplement. And it is one of the few substances known to increase metabolism and help in mobilize fats from your fat tissues.  And caffeine also makes your body more alert.

Does black coffee really help you lose weight? Here is some evidence have a close look.

Cut Calories, Lose Weight

Drink black coffee is the best option for weight loss. Black coffee is calorie free and it is the cream and sugar that can pack on the pounds.

A single cup of black coffee with 2 teaspoons of sugar and an ounce of half-and-half has 69 calories.

Many people in the world drink roughly 3 cups of coffee a day, which adds up to an extra 207 calories. If you switch from coffee with sugar and cream to black coffee every day for a year, you can save more than 75,000 calories the equivalent of almost 22 pounds of fat.

Suppress Hunger:

  • Black coffee contains caffeine that stimulates metabolic activity.
  • Caffeine in black coffee also increases the energy level which turn’s in suppressing hunger. A cup of black coffee contains 5.4 calories.
  • When sugar is added, the calorie level increases.

Reduces the Water Content:

Some people are heavy due to fat or excess water content in their body. Drinking black coffee reduces water content due to frequent urination.

With the help of this method, the high water content will be cut down without any threatening side effects.

Supports Permanent Weight Loss:

Black coffee induces Permanent weight loss happens only when the fat content in the body is reduced. Black coffee burn’s more calories helps permanent weight loss. Burning more calories will gradually reduce weight.

And it eliminates the unwanted wastewater and fluid accumulation in the body through urination. This is due to the rich caffeine content present in it.


Anything that is consumed in excess would have side effects. Similarly, when black coffee is consumed in excess can cause hypertension.


Drinking 2-3 cups of black coffee per day is advisable.

How Does Black Coffee help In Weight Loss


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