How to Stop Prickly Heat And Heat Rash

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Summers call for sunbathing, beers and BBQ’s, but apart from all these, higher temperature in summers also results in increasing the possibility of suffering from heat rash, prickly heat and heat stroke.

This usually happens when our body is over exposed to the sun or you are sweating more than usual. Well, these conditions of skin will spoil our holiday mood to enjoy summer and make us feel uncomfortable to stay in beaches and outdoors.

What we need to do to stop prickly heat and heat rash? Do we have any natural remedies to control it? Yes, we do have many things to stop this prickly heat and heat rash.

Before going to see how to stop prickly heat and heat rash, just have a look at what is prickly heat and what causes it.

What Is Prickly Heat?

Prickly heat is also known as miliaria rubra in medical terms, it’s a rash with tiny red bumps that appears under your skin.

These bumps appear few days after being overheated and can easily disappear within few days or after returning to a cooler climate.

Prickly heat can also happen in winter, if you have heaters on very high temperature. Or something simple like sitting near the heating substance for long time like a radiator can also cause this condition.

What Causes Prickly Heat And Heat Rash?

Heat is the main cause of prickly heat or heat rash on the body. Generally we have thousands of sweat glands just below the surface of skin that produces sweat. If these ducts are blocked the sweat can’t escape from body and leaked in the skin, this results in forming tiny bumps that create itchy and prickly rash.

Apart from these, here are some common factors that contribute prickly heat as follows:

  • Wearing excessively warm clothes during winter.
  • Wearing synthetic fiber clothes which cannot absorb sweat and prevent perspiration from evaporating
  • Excessive use of oil based cosmetics in your day routine.
  • Exercising that involves high levels of sweating.
  • Certain medications used for diabetes or controlling blood sugar.

Children are more prone to prickled heat and heat rashes. The sweat ducts of new born are under developed for a quiet long time, hence are prone to quick blocking.

Symptoms Of Prickly Heat And Heat Rash

Symptoms include:

  • Itching
  • Irritation
  • Small blisters or bumps
  • Inflamed skin or red rashes on the skin

Thankfully, we have number of ways to stop prickly heat and to have healthy skin.

How To Stop Prickly Heat And Heat Rash

As sweating is the major cause for prickly heat and heat rash, it’s difficult to avoid them completely. But, you should keep yourself in cooling places and wearing loose and breathable clothing will help to minimize the condition.

Keep your skin fresh and hydrated by drinking lots of water and using cooling sprays on your skin.

It is also important to opt for sunscreens that are developed especially for sensitive skin.

Apart from the tips shown above, here are some home remedies to prevent prickly heat and heat rash completely from your skin.

1. Aloe Vera Gel

aloe vera

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The anti bacterial and anti septic properties of aloe vera gel reduces various types of skin diseases including prickly heat and heat rashes on your skin. It also hydrates your skin and keeps it fresh and healthy.

What You Need To Do

  • Extract fresh aloe vera gel from the leaf and massage it over affected areas for few minutes.
  • Repeat it twice or thrice in a day to prevent those heat rashes and prickly heat on your skin.

2. Baking Soda

baking soda for lice

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Baking soda is also capable of treating all types of skin issues because of its anti bacterial properties. It prevents the infection easily and soothes skin.

What You Need To Do:

  • Mix a table spoon of baking soda in a glass of water and dip a soft a cloth in the solution.
  • Gently rub on affected areas with this cloth and leave the solution for few minutes before rinsing it off.
  • Do it twice in a day.

3. Raw Potato

potato for pink eye

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Potato acts as emollient and soothes the irritated and itchy skin.

What You Need To Do

  • Take few slices of raw potatoes and place it on the affected areas. Let it remain for 10-15 minutes, then rinse the area with cool water.
  • Repeat it every day until you see good results.

4. Ice Cubes

ice cubes

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The coolness of ice cubes will soothe the irritated skin and alleviates redness and irritation on the skin.

What You Need To Do

  • Take few ice cubes in your hand and directly apply it on the affected areas.
  • Leave it for few minutes.
  • Repeat it whenever you feel irritation and itchiness on the skin.

5. Lime Juice


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Lime Juice is effective in treating all types of skin issues, the anti oxidants present in lime juice increases the healing process of your heat rashes and prickly heat.

What You Need To Do

  • Squeeze fresh lime in a glass of fresh water and add a table spoon of honey and drink it.
  • Try to drink three to four glasses in a day.

How To Stop Prickly Heat And Heat Rash

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