10 Cute Things Men Do When Their Wives Are Pregnant

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Today I will share what men do and learn when their wives are pregnant.

This phase is very new for both mother and father and they have to sacrifice few things during pregnancy. And here I will be sharing few tips which an ideal father must do. Share this article with your partner if you want him to be an ideal dad.

  • Schedule doctor appointment- an ideal father should schedule the appointment and he must accompany you to the clinic every single visit. This will give confidence and strength to your wife.
  • Educate himself on changes- he must educate himself on the process and the changes which the mother will go during this pregnancy phase. So, it is better to know beforehand.
  • Give her space to cool down- in this phase, women get irritated most often and you must give her space to meltdown and deal with the mood swings.
  • Reveal his concerns- he will also have some concerns emotionally and physically. You are carrying the child that doesn’t mean he will not feel anything. He will also be having few concerns about how the whole process will go and so on.
  • Respect your needs– he must be respectful of your wishes and needs which you want. During this phase you may have a feeling of eating a pizza at night or a dill pickle at afternoon, so he should be at your fingertips to get these items whenever you get a desire.
  • Contribute more at home- he must contribute to the daily chores as you will not be doing the household chores during this time. And he will also have to make food for you because you may have untimely hunger.


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