10 Things You Must Do To Build An Amazing Relationship

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Relationships can refer to romantic ones, with family, friends and even co-workers and whatever the genre it is important to build a strong and healthy one that is everlasting and happy. It is not the other person who will make us happy but it is upon us to make things work so that we can achieve our hearts desire. Relationship is never the same but will evolve over the time. Hence it is necessary to accept ups and downs with equal grace and move towards making it a better one. Love, care and understanding are some vital emotions that will help in building an amazing relationship.

10 Things You Must Do To Build An Amazing Relationship


1. Nothing is easy in this world

Yes, it’s an absolute truth that every relationship demands extra efforts and nothing is easy. Once we start giving what we actually want to receive we will find that things are getting back to us at a faster rate. Let me make a difference must be our mantra instead of let him be responsible for my happiness. There will come a time when our efforts will be felt, received and reciprocated so that we both can have a wonderful relationship.

2. Don’t try to change others

The word perfect is overrated. There is nothing called perfect in this world. Are you perfect and if not so how can you expect the other person to be so? Once you let go of the preconceived notion that I want a perfect partner, you will find that it is easy to let go certain things. Do not try to change your partner; instead remember the things which you were attracted to in the beginning. Try to make things better by being tolerable and understanding as we all are humans and imperfect to a certain extent.

3. Be a good listener

Talking things out is a good thing but it is not necessary that you will be the person talking every time. Give yourself a break and start listening for a change. Your partner might be in need of a talk and hence listen to him without judging. It will make him feel lighter and better.

4. Avoid hurtful comments

Fighting and making-up are part and parcel of every relationship. Fight fairly without resorting to name calling and hurtful comments. Do not threaten your partner as it will set up a wrong precedence. Sometimes one of you is too angry to listen at that point of time it is better to remove yourself from there. Wait for some time, take a breathing space and try to let go of the anger.

5. Forget and forgive

People tend to make mistakes often unintentionally. These might hurt you but do not hold a grudge. Remember you are not enemies it is the circumstances that has led to this anger and misunderstanding. There is so much to look out for in this world. Be a bigger person and meet this challenge head-on.   Let go of the hurt and try to understand the circumstances which led your partner in lashing out to you. Sit with your partner and sort out the misunderstanding so that both of you can move forward. Honestly it will be tough but if handled properly will create one of the most beautiful and amazing relationships. Being compassionate and open will make a greater impact and create strong emotional bond.

6. Move from I to We

The basic foundation of any relationship is giving the partner enough space but still staying connected. Two individuals come together to create a single entity as they move forward from I to We. For a relationship to thrive and grow it is necessary to make supportive decisions and create a separate and personal cocoon for each other. Be a good teammate and travel on this journey together.

7. Celebrate accomplishments

Celebrating your partner’s success creates a wonderful opportunity of showing your love, faith and support. Find occasions for celebrations be it small or big like promotion or an accomplishment. Sometimes it is necessary to surprise one another even if there is no genuine cause for festivity. Every-day you are together is a cause for celebration and hence make merry.

8. Be truthful and honest

Trust is an important ingredient in every relationship. Make sure you never lose it as it is the foundation upon which your relation is based. Always be truthful, sometimes truth hurts and will cause a rift but in long-time it will have a positive effect. When your partner realises that you are always being honest it will change the dynamics of your liaison. There will be more faith between you and this will result in a healthy relationship.

9. Nurture your relationship

Create togetherness by sharing things and making time for each other. Small things matter like switching off your mobile device while spending some quality time with your partner. Going to bed together brings closeness amongst the partners. Gestures like making tea in the morning, helping your partner if he is getting late, exercising together, going to a dance, hugging your partner, talking to each other creates an intimacy which leads to better relationship. Be good friends and interact positively for creating personal bonds and emotional connect.

10. Focus on giving love

Relationship is not about you being happy but about how you make your partner happy. When you make a conscious decision to ignore hurts and offer only love you will find that the unintentional outcome is that we are being loved more deeply. What we are giving will revert to us tenfold and it will create a beautiful feeling.

Amazing relationships are not god’s gifts. It is important to understand that both of you are coming from different backgrounds and it is up to you to create a middle ground where you will be comfortable with each other.

Relationships are demanding and will need hundred percent efforts from both of you. Be gentle, loving, forgiving and understanding. What you sow will you reap and with time you will realize that that you had laid down a solid foundation and now is the time to reap the rewards by gaining an amazing relationship.


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