5 Attitudes In A Women That Men Love

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The curves are not everything in the male mind, discover the attitudes that make them crazy in a girl and love them.

There are other things they prefer in girls, like being nice to them and injecting joy into their lives.

The physical is immediately attracted to them, but in the long run, they value the following attitudes in a woman:

  • Smile- Smiling is a very easy way to convey to men that you are friendly and it is okay to approach you. You have no idea how much they fear rejection, so when you smile, you invite them to be themselves.
  • Make it sweet– To be sweet is to be positive in your comments, to put aside the sarcasm and treat them with respect.
  • Independent– men like women who are independent financially and emotionally. And they don’t like dependence of the women on them as this will add the pressure on them.
  • Accessible- not always accessible, otherwise they won’t value your existence. Be busy in your life, so that it proves that you have your different life and space.
  • Know how to control her emotions– You might think that being intense with your emotions is something very feminine, but it is so or not, most guys are annoyed that you burst into tears or fury without a real reason. A mature girl, able to understand what she is feeling and able to handle it with intelligence, is very attractive to them.


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