8 Simple Ways To Impress Your Husband/Boyfriend

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Today I will share few simple ways to please your man. If your romance has faded up, then these tricks will definitely ignite the fire between you two.

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  • Maintain yourself- men like to look her women to be fit and active and look sexy for him. So, if you want him to impress then you have to maintain your figure and posture first.
  • Be independent – men like independent women who are independent financially and personally. Do your jobs yourself, so that he will get interested in your work and he will give his hand for help.
  • Take interest in his interest – if he likes sports or movies, then watch the same with him by lying on his side. Show interest in his things that will make him show interest in you.
  • Express love – tell him how much you love him daily and this will make him feel for you. You can just say I love you once in a day to make up his mood.
  • Take the initiative- in bedroom men likes when women take initiative in the bedroom and show him you are waiting for the fun to begin your initiative.
  • A warm shower – a shower with him will really ignite the mood. On top of that, you can also add the sensual massage which will fire up the temperature.
  • Plan a date night– it is not always men’s thing to plan a surprise date night. Sometimes you can also take the initiative by planning a date just two of you.
  • Make food that pleases him- route to man’s heart is through food. If you want him to bend towards yourself, then making food which he likes is the best thing.


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