How Do You Know If You Are Really Ready To Get Married

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Nowadays people are very confused about their relationship and the stage when it is the right time to get married if they have been in a relationship for so long.

So, if you are in the same place then this article is definitely for you. Here I will be sharing few points which you must keep in mind before you actually get married to the right person.

Do you guys care about each other as friends do? 

This should be the first question in your mind because love sometimes is just a need or sometimes infatuation. So, if you guys really care about each other needs as friends then yes you have found the right person.

Do you respect each other?

In every relation respect plays a vital role, if you don’t respect your partner then your relationship will surely fail. As an individual, you have to show respect towards your loved one for a healthy relationship.


Are you ready for a husband and family –  being a woman are you ready to take on the responsibility of the husband and the family, this should be one of the most important questions you must have on your mind.

Do you trust that person completely?

If you trust your partner completely then only it should be a wise decision. Because after marriage if you have trust issues then your marriage will definitely not going to work.

Do you come to conclusion/solution of every problem?

In a healthy relation, problem solving is the important thing. If some misunderstanding or problem arrives you both must resolve that situation for moving forward.

For women:

Do you believe in him? Especially for women, they should question themselves that is this right guy or is this the guy i can trust on, is this the guy i can count on when problem arises. If the answer is yes then you should go for it.

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