This Relationship Hack Will Make You A Better Partner

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In this post I am sharing my restless research on how to save your relationship in 30 seconds, this trick will work any condition to end any argument.

If you truly want to truly seek to end the conflict with your loved one, this will work for sure.

Step 1

Pause for a second, Is not it when you get angry when you get hot if a fire is burning inside of you so let that fire die down through that pause. and Bring your attention to only present nit the past or not the future.

Step 2

Approach your loved one, interlock your fingers with theirs and hold hand for at least 10 seconds.

Step 3

Embrace your loved one, Hug your loved one tightly.

Step 4

Close your eye and breathe deeply, match the tempo of your breath with their breath.

Step 5

Think about you and your loved one will be after 100 years from now, how does that feel? emote that, one day you and your loved one will be gone and forgotten.

After 20 seconds open your eyes, I guarantee that you will realize, how just precision is to be alive.

You are here and your loved one is here, and you have an opportunity to choose love.


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