Reduce Your Waist Size Overnight

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Just 1 glass of this drink can remove all toxins from your intestine.It is one of the super effective way to remove all bloating from your stomach and in just 1 use of this you can feel the difference. Million of people have tried this and it works for everyone.

To prepare this drink you will need:

  • Anise seeds (Popularly known as saunf)
  • Water

Steps to follow:

  1. Take 1 and 1/2 liter of water (Almost 6 glasses of water)
  2. Add 4 spoons of anise seeds in this water
  3. Cover it and leave it overnight
  4. Next morning filter this water
  5. You have to finish this water during next day, start with empty stomash. Make sure you finish this water till evening

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