Beauty DIY: 2 Homemade Toothpaste Recipes

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I’m sure you might have watched dozens of toothpaste ad commercials. From the ones asking you about the salt content in your paste to the ones that boast of the refreshing feel, actually using fluoride content as one of the most important ingredients.

Well, no matter how good the commercial is or how healthy the paste seems to be. Oral care is not only about the good smell after it’s use or the taste of the paste. It’s more about the cleansing of your teeth and giving you strong gums.

We can’t rely on these multinationals to provide such a product at the given price. It’s better to make a one at home. Or for that matter, a one which is cheaper and yet effective.

Well, in this article, we’ll learn how to make two different types of natural toothpaste at home.

1. Refreshing Peppermint/Cinnamon Toothpaste

Brushing our teeth in the morning should be a refreshing one. Well, don’t opt for the ones with fluoride content. Instead, we’ll make a one with peppermint. The reason is that fluoride is a very controversial substance to be used in our toothpaste. Although refreshing yet under research for years. Also, the capability of fluoride to cleanse plaque is on par with the peppermint cinnamon one. Let’s look at the ingredients and procedure.


  • Coconut oil(1/2 cups)
  • Baking soda(2-3 tbsps.)
  • Stevia powder(2 small packets)
  • Peppermint or cinnamon essential oil(15-20 drops)


  • Just melt the coconut oil a little bit.
  •  Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Stir it well either a spoon or a motorized blender.
  •  If you are using semi-hard coconut oil, then you should use a fork instead of a spoon. Well, a motorized blender would be better in either case. In case of molten oil, just use a spoon.
  •  Let the mixture cool for some time.
  •  Now store the mixture in a small dark colored bottle. Make sure that it’s kept out from air and sunlight.
  • To use the mixture as toothpaste, just dip the brush the toothbrush in the bottle such that the bristles are properly equipped with it. Now you can enjoy your homemade toothpaste.
  •  If you find this toothpaste more of a ‘tooth fluid’ and you want the exact feel of the ones you purchase from the stores, just use frozen coconut oil in the ingredients, also you’ll have to store your toothpaste in a refrigerator.
  •  Within a few weeks of usage, you’ll get to see naturally strong glistening teeth.


  • It gives you a refreshing feel. Both peppermint and cinnamon are known as the natural oral refreshers. You’ll see many products out there made out of these ingredients.
  •  These ingredients are known for their germ-fighting properties. Even if you are the one who usually brushes only once a day, you can just chew some cinnamon at night and it will make sure that your oral hygiene is maintained.
  • Coconut oil gives a good while to your teeth. The glaze after brushing your teeth is just commendable.
  • Coconut oil also makes sure that your gums are healthy. It strengthens your roots and gives you long lasting strong teeth.

2. Whitening Special Toothpaste

What if natural ingredients can provide you white glistening teeth? Would you still buy those sold by the multinationals spending crores for making enticing commercials? Well, don’t. Let’s look at the easy recipe to make one at home. We’ve made sure that all the ingredients used in this recipe don’t cause any harm to your teeth and also reduces the demineralization your teeth. Let’s look at the ingredients and procedure followed in order to make your own DIY toothpaste at home.


  •  Coconut oil (4 tbsp.)
  • Sesame oil (3 tbsp.)
  • Bentonite clay (4 tbsp.)
  • Calcium Magnesium Powder (4 tbsp.)
  •  Baking soda (3 tbsp.)
  • Clove oil (15 drops)
  • Trace minerals (12 drops)


  •  Melt the coconut oil so that it just melts and it’s not very hot at the same time. In case you have a double boiler, use it to melt the coconut oil. The purpose of melting coconut oil is just to make sure that it easily mixes with the other ingredients of the recipe.
  • It’s time to mix all the ingredients in the quantity mentioned in the ingredient list. It would be best if you use a motorized blender. This would make your work very easy and you can prepare the recipe within minutes.
  • In case if the motorized blender is not available at your house, in need to buy it just for making this recipe. You can stir manually using a spoon. Make sure to add each of the ingredients one at a time. Stir after adding each ingredient and add another one only if the ingredients are mixed properly.
  • After mixing all the ingredients, put the mixture in a bowl and store it in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes.
  • Store the toothpaste in a dark colored bottle used to store acids. You can buy them from the stores selling chemical equipment.
  • To use it, just dip the toothbrush in the bottle full of paste. Use it like your regular toothpaste.
  • In case if you want the feeling of a toothpaste bought from a store, just make sure to store it in a refrigerator. It would make the toothpaste more viscous.
  • The shelf life of the product is approx. 2 months. Don’t use it for more than that because we’ve used no preservatives.
  • Within three weeks you can easily notice positive changes in your oral health.


  • The paste is meant for giving you glistening white teeth. It is a very good recipe for clearing the plaque.
  •  It fights tooth decay better than any other chemical based toothpaste available in the market.
  • The process of demineralization is reduced if you use it twice a day for a few weeks.
  • Within a few weeks, you’ll see that your teeth would become stronger than ever.
  •  On gently massaging your gum with it on a daily basis, the strength of your roots would improve.
  •  It comes without any side effects unlike any of the chemical based toothpaste available in the market.

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