10 Period Hacks Every Girl Have To Know

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Hack 1 – If your periods are irregular and flow is not constant, some times its heavy and other times very low then for this one ayurvedic medicine is available in market with name of Himalaya Evecare

Take 1 spoon of this everyday.

Hack 2 – Use this hack, when you are having heavy bleeding and you have only normal pads with you

This time you should take 2 normal pads. First apply one pad in center as we normally do and then apply 2nd pad on backside of your pant and your night pad is ready to control heavy bleeding also

Hack 3 – Use any smart phone to keep track of your menstruation cycle, so that you always know about your next coming menstruation cycle

Hack 4 – For period pain

Take few drops of lavender and massage your abdomen area with this oil. Within a few minutes your pain will disappear,


Take 1 glass of lukewarm water, in this add 1 tsp aloe vera gel and 1 tsp honey. Mix it well. Drink it slowly in sitting position.

Hack 5 – For period blood stain

You will need

  • 1 mug water
  • 1 spoon dettol
  • 1 spoon detergent

Mix it well and soak cloth in this water for 30 minutes

After 30 minutes rub it with your hands and then wash with plain water

Hack 6 – Wear long, loose and dark color cloths

Hack 7 – For double protection wear boy-shorts above your panty

Hack 8 – PCOS problem

Fenugreek seeds can help you with PCOS.

Take 1 glass lukewarm water.

Add 2 spoon of fenugreek seeds.

Cover and leave it overnight.

Next morning filter and drink this water empty stomach.

Do this everyday.

It will help you to deal with irregular periods.

Hack 9 – Keep yourself busy. When you are busy, you body will release natural pain killer

Hack 10 – Always carry an emergency kit

For this you will need

  • A small bag that is very handy
  • Some sanitary pads
  • An extra panty
  • Some tissue papers

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