How To Lose 20 Pounds Fast At Home

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Weight loss is a very enduring and tough process to undertake. A little lack of motivation can neutralize all the work that was did earlier. Just deciding that you need weight loss isn’t enough. There should be a procedure or a guideline that you can follow to stay on the path.

A planned weight loss procedure is known to yield exceptional results for people meaning to lose weight. Specialist trainers create a weight loss plan according to a person’s body type and the target they can achieve.

There are apps now also which can do the same work for you.

In a structurally created weight loss plan, every step is planned. What to eat, what not to eat, how to eat it, how much to eat, when to exercise, when to sleep, when to rest, and even when to let loose are addressed in the plan. Just eating healthy and dieting will not result in weight loss. Planning is essential in weight loss. There are a number of people who lose 20 pounds and even more in a year by rigorously following their weight loss plan. A weight loss plan is seldom made temporary. Even after the required weight and body shape has been achieved, you have to keep following the plan to maintain the change your body has undergone.

How to lose 20 pounds – Diet Plan

Vegetarian Diet Plan

Before Breakfast – Just after waking up, hydrate the body with a glass of lukewarm water mixed with some lemon juice and honey. Consumption of this water releases the toxins from our body.

Breakfast – Go for an English breakfast with some skimmed milk and cornflakes. You can substitute cornflakes with oats, wheat bran, fruit salads or sprouts.

Morning snack – Take some nuts like walnuts or almonds and a glass of juice if you feel hungry after eating breakfast but there is still some time for lunch. This diet will provide you with energy without filling up the stomach.

Lunch – The lunch should be a little light on the stomach but filled with nutrients. Take a bowl of brown rice with some salad or pulses. Some alternatives contain a bowl of vegetable soup, pumpkin curry or vegetable curry along with some bread.

Evening Snack – A cup of tea with some sprouts/ brown bread/ baked beans/ fruits/ low-fat yogurt or light biscuits.

Dinner – A vegetable curry made up of mixed vegetables like pumpkin, eggplant, beans or tofu and a couple of breads. Use as little oil as you can in making the curry. You can make soup instead of curry as well.

Non-Vegetarian Diet Plan

Breakfast – Since a non-vegetarian diet is packed with protein and carbohydrates, the number of times a person eats in a day is reduced to manage the nutrient content in the meals. Hence, breakfast needs to be properly fulfilling. Eat a couple of fruits like apples, oranges, or banana or two boiled eggs along with tea or a dairy product like skimmed milk or yogurt.

Lunch – A piece of chicken, some baked beans or vegetables. Can take bread instead of the vegetables as well. For some change of taste, you can substitute chicken with fish or other protein rich meat.

Evening Snack – A cup of tea, herbal or lime tea is recommended by many specialists. A whole apple or banana or some light biscuits having extra fiber.

Dinner – Some chicken or fish – either steamed, grilled or baked. Salad and a piece of fruit.

Lifestyle changes

Weight loss doesn’t occur in a day. No matter who you are or how much weight you aim to lose, the first step towards weight loss is changing your lifestyle. You can’t expect to lose 20 pounds or more by just letting the way things are right now. A change in eating habits, sleeping routines and exercise repetitions is necessary to lose weight.

Here are some of the changes you can bring in your lifestyle to shed 20 pounds quickly from your weight.

Change in Diet – Create a diet plan incorporating the total number of calories you need to attain the targeted weight. Avoid junk food as much as you can and increase the intake of fruits in the diet Controlling your intake and choosing the food for your menu is the basic requirement for a diet.

Committing to a Plan –Weight loss is a long and intense process. Not seeing results right away should not throw you out of your path. A plan will yield results only if it is followed till the very end. Weight loss will demand work even after the goal is achieved.

Be more Physically Active – Exercise is necessary in order to lose 20 pounds. Set aside an hour every day to do vigorous exercises which will increase heart rate. Doing exercises which burn calories like cycling, swimming, jogging, and dancing will decrease your weight. Lifting weights or weight training is also an effective way to shed some weight.

Motivate Yourself – Keep a record of everything you eat and the amount. This will help you to stay in accordance with your diet plan in the beginning and will boost your hopes towards the end. By keeping track of your food, you are not only able to follow your own diet but will successfully resist avoid the things that are not in favor of your weight loss plan.

Get an Accomplice – There are more chances of success if there is someone with you on this weight loss journey. A trainer can only advise you to do things in a certain appropriate way. Getting a partner keeps you steady on your journey. There will be fewer chances of backing out of something and fewer instances of cheating.

Home Remedies

Here are some remedies you can take up at home to speed up the weight loss process.

Ginger and Green Tea

Green tea contains caffeine, catechins, and theanine. Caffeine increases the metabolism rate of the body. Green tea contains a higher amount of Catechins, which are anti-oxidant flavonoids, than black tea because it is not fermented. It restricts the absorption of fats by the intestinal tract of the body. Theanine, an amino acid, releases dopamine which reduces the stress level of the body so that a person doesn’t eat too much under stress.


Ginseng helps the body in fighting fatigue and provides an energy boost to anyone using it. It is a very good way to lose weight without doing rigorous exercises. It manages the appetite of the body by keeping the blood sugar level in check.

Peppermint and Dandelion Tea

Peppermint and Dandelion Tea detoxifies the body and the liver. It is one of the most important ingredients in losing 20 pounds quickly or losing weight in general. Peppermint tea clears the liver and improves the flow of bile, which is responsible for absorbing and breaking down fat in the body.

Drinking Water

Drinking water regularly is important for proper functioning of the body whether it is totally fit or overweight. If the body is hydrated, it runs smoothly and burns fat efficiently.

Honey and Yogurt

Yogurt mixed with honey or low-fat yogurt is very beneficial for the body. It contains probiotics which optimize the digestion process of the body and also balances the gut flora. It is full of flavor and doesn’t increase the weight even if you eat some extras in a day.


Sleep deprivation increases the insulin resistance of the body and ages the metabolism rate to 10-20 years. This kind of levels is found in obese or overweight people. Sleeping for the right amount of time not just provides ample time for the body to get rest but also recharges other senses and organs in order to lose weight quickly.

Pepper and Lemon Juice

Pepper contains a chemical called Piperine which can be found naturally. It gives pepper its signature smell and fights against obesity also. Piperine has been found to be able to control the fat generating cells and improving the process of nutrient absorption by the body.

Eat More to Lose More

A lot of people gain weight because of eating food rich in fat and other harmful stuff. In order to lose 20 pounds quickly, one should eat food, which is rich in nutrients, 5-6 times a day. This way, the person doesn’t feel starved or deprived of food and intakes only the amount required by the body.

Exercise Routine for Losing 20 pounds quickly

Dieting and refraining from certain food products are not the only way to lose some weight. The body needs to be put to work in order to shed those extra few pound.

Here are some exercises which people should follow to lose 20 pounds quickly over a span of a month or two.

  1. Cardio – The term Cardio is used to refer to exercises which effects the heart rate of a person. Inject some intensive activity between your normal cardio routine, for instance, try jogging for 30 seconds in a 5 minute interval if you are a walker. Jogging, walking, running, swimming, cycling, skipping, etc. comes under the cardio exercises.
  2. Squats – Squats are very good for thighs and butts. There are several ways in which a squat can be done but all are made in order to reduce fat from the buttocks and thigh region. Do sets of 10 squats per minute for 6 minutes. Increase the duration of the sets by 2 minutes every day.
  3. Push-ups – Push-ups are an exercise for chest, shoulders, and arms. Push-ups also have a lot of variations and techniques. Do 100 push-ups as quickly as possible in 3 sets with 5 minute intervals.
  4. Crunches – Crunches are one of the most easily doable exercises. It can be done anywhere at any time. It is mainly focused towards the abdomen region and is responsible for those tight abs. Crunches should be done near the start of the workout. Crunches can be done with or without weights. A set contains 10 to 12 repetitions. Perform 5 sets with two minute intervals
  5. Lunges – Lunges are done to get rid of the excess fat from the legs. It is a light exercise whose effect increases with sets. Lunges are relatively easy to perform. Hold the lunging position for 60 seconds. Perform 20 to 30 lunges in a set.


Rapid weight loss or trying to lose 20 pounds in a week or two can have adverse effects on the body if the path chosen for this weight loss routine is not thoroughly checked. There are some things one should consider before committing towards a quick weight loss plan.

  • Weight loss doesn’t mean starving. Starving is very harmful to the body and doesn’t really help in the weight loss. Try not to follow those diets in which you feel starved or underfed.
  • One of the most used methods for rapid weight loss is following a Very-Low-Calorie Diet or VLCD. It is generally recommended for obese people. This diet may work in the short run, but the amount of money it takes to follow the diet is very substantial and most people tend to give up on the diet.
  • Avoid all commercial diet supplements.

Side Effects

Rapid weight loss techniques require the use of supplements and certain restrictive diet. This change in nutritional elements and chemicals can sometimes have side effects.

  • 12 to 25 percent of the people who try to lose huge amount of weight quickly suffer from Gallstones
  • Dehydration is also a very real problem in weight loss participants.
  • Sometimes people don’t eat regularly in order to shed some weight. This approach can lead to malnutrition.
  • Other side effects contain Headaches, Irritability, hair loss, dizziness, menstrual irregularities and hair loss.

Myths & Facts

Myth Fact
All Calories Are Equal It is one of the most common misconceptions about weight loss. There is a difference between how protein is processed in our body and how fat is processed in our body. It is recommended that one should stick to a number of calories and the way to take that calorie as prescribed in the weight loss plan.
Weight Loss is a Linear Process There will be some days, especially for women, when despite all the weight loss techniques you used, your weight will seem to increase. This is totally normal and not at all alarming. As long as you are losing weight in the grand scheme of things, some weight fluctuations are totally fine.
Fast Food is not allowed As long as the weight plan is followed thoroughly, there is no harm in consuming an item or two of fast food. Choose grilled food over fried food, choose food with low sodium content. There are a lot of “healthy” fast foods also which you can add to your diet.
Some Foods can Burn Your Calories There are no such food products which have been found to increase metabolism or burn calories from the body. Calories are calories no matter in which form. These food products might have various health benefits or are best suited for you according to the diet but are not able to burn the calories for you.
Supplements are an essential part of Weight Loss Almost all the people who take up weight loss or gain consume supplements. While it is possible that supplements can help you lose some weight, these are not capable of making you lose 20 pounds just on their own. Although the supplement industry is very huge and a number of people who use supplements might make you feel differently, but it is true. Supplements are not such an integral part of the diet for weight loss.


Is there a correct way of eating?
It is not clinically found that eating in a certain manner has an effect on weight but it is recommended that one should slowly. Especially, if the person eats quickly on a regular basis. By eating fast, people can sometimes eat more than they should because the stomach takes some time to indicate the brain that it is full.

How to calculate the calorie intake for my body?
The ideal calorie intake for a person can be calculated by multiplying the Ideal Body Weight by 14. It is generally a rough calculation suitable for casual weight loss. If the aim is to make the body suitable for a certain Sport, then a fitness professional should be consulted.

How do I maintain my weight loss figure?
It is a common phenomenon where most of the people who lost weight for sometime gain the weight right back after a period of inactivity. Weight loss is a constant process and requires dedication during the weight loss period and after that also.

What if I’m not losing weight despite cutting on the calories?
It may happen that during the weight loss period, our body comes in a plateau situation. In this condition, the body adapts with the changed diet and no further change is possible if the same diet is maintained. To lose weight, the intensity of exercises should be increased.

Do I need to exercise if I have already lost the required calories?
Although exercises are done to burn calories, it tones up the body also. Apart from burning calories, exercises and strength training shape up the body and make the muscles strong.

Is “cheat day” really a thing and how can I use it?
In most of the diets, a person is deprived of many food items. This deprivation can turn out to be fatal if it forces you to quit your diet. That is where a “cheat day” comes in. In a cheat day, a person is allowed to eat the food items they crave for just a day so that the satisfaction of eating one’s favorite food keeps you on your diet.

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