How To Take Care Of Hygiene For Intimate Areas

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Most important for men and women both is to take care of private parts. You should follow certain hygiene rules which will ensure no infection spreads and keeps you hygienic. I know women rarely discuss intimate hygiene but if you have any problem be open about it, there is nothing wrong

intimate hygiene

Vagina has the ability to keep itself clean

Whether it is your body, face or intimate areas, trying to get the squeaky clean feeling might just not be the right thing to do. The skin may become too dry and the resistance to bacteria may diminish. This can increase the risk of infections. Also, do not wash too deeply.

Vagina has the ability to keep itself clean, so just an outer cleanse is enough. It is acidic and has healthy bacteria to protect itself. Using soaps or any other washes can disturb this delicate pH balance as they are alkaline.

Keep track of your smell

Every woman has a regular type of discharge and a peculiar smell attached to herself. So, make sure to check if you have any change in the color or smell. It could indicate infection. Generally, it is said that if you have a yellow color discharge, you should visit a doctor.

Normally, itching should not occur on the areas but sometimes it is usual to have itching like during periods, after an intercourse or at nights. But, this is very mild. If you do feel your problem is a little serious, do visit the doctor.

Do not share your underwear

Be it your undergarments or towel, you must never share it with anyone else in the house. And, wear comfortable cotton stuff at all times so as to allow air circulation. Using satin, silk or lace panties can increase humidity and lead to fungal or yeast growth as well. Always make sure that the area is completely dry before you wear your clothes just to avoid any bacterial infection.

Use right product

When we talk about intimate area hygiene, the products you use are of highest importance. You must not use anything too harsh and too drying for the skin. These days you can find a lot of intimate area washes being marketed. The reason why these products are different is because they are tailored to the pH level of the skin over there and are extremely gentle.

Just in case, you should also know that a simple wash with warm water is also enough to keep the area clean. You must not use any scrubs or soaps down there. Just lather and rinse.

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