5 Things You Should Avoid During Periods

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Periods are already worrisome due to pain, bloating and mood swings which you face at the same time. There are certain rules you should follow when you’re on periods to make the menstruation cycle less painful. To have a healthy and more enjoyable period as you possibly can, these are the five most common things/habits you should avoid when you’re on your periods :

Do Not Use Cleansers with Artificial Fragrance

Perfumes contribute to overgrowth of odour-producing bacteria. Using soaps, sprays or creams with perfumes/scents can cause vaginal irritation, dryness and other infections. It has also been found that these scented hygiene products can lead to developing UTIs. Cleansers which are scented artificially are to be avoided for they also disturb the skin’s pH in the vaginal area which makes the skin dry and can cause micro-tears. In addition to not using cleansers with artificial fragrances, you should not use douches to cleanse yourself during your period as it can disturb the natural microorganisms of the vagina, leading to infections.

5 Things You Should Avoid Doing While You Are On Your Periods
Don’t Eat Salty Food

Many women experience water retention (bloating) during their periods, so it is best to avoid high amounts of sodium. Salty foods tend to be very dehydrating and thus your body overcompensates by stockpiling hydration. Thus, instead of snacking on salted products such as chips and fried foods, it is more advisable to eat fruits and vegetables that are capable of supplying our body with necessary vitamins and minerals during periods.

Cut down on Caffeine Consumption

Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor which means that it makes blood vessels constrict and causes the vessels that feed the uterus to tighten and cause excessive cramping due to it. Caffeine also causes bloating. Caffeine at first encourages the brain to release hormones such as dopamine and serotonin, it seems like the solution to pre-menstrual depression and lethargy. But as it starts wearing off it can cause extreme mood swings, jittery feeling and inability to sleep. It also causes digestive discomfort such as stomach ache, nausea and diarrhoea, which are already causing problems during your period.

Don’t be Lethargic

Exercise and release of endorphins go hand-in-hand. Endorphins will help you feel in a better mood by counteracting mood swings and lessening your cramping and pain caused due to your period. Thus, it’s not advisable to skip the gym or your exercise session for exercise does help you feel better, alleviate headaches, fatigue and even anxiety.

Avoid Dairy

Eating dairy can trigger menstrual cramps because dairy products usually contain arachidonic acids which are cramp-inducing. Dairy contains omega-6 fatty acid which can increase inflammation, bloating and cramping. Dairy products like milk, cream and cheese are considered off-limits whereas buttermilk and toned milk are recommended food for your period.

Taking little steps and making small changes like these to your lifestyle during your periods will help you avoid all the discomfort and pain faced during it. In addition to these five very important things, small things like avoiding alcohol intake, red meat, smoking, other unhealthy habits and making sure to use acupressure to reduce pain can go a long way in helping with period pain and discomfort. If you have any suggestions about what to avoid during periods, let us know in the comments below!

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