Drinking Water When You Are Thirsty Is Bad For You

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You are shocked by headline, right?

But it is true if you are thirsty it means your body is giving you signal of dehydration that is not good for you. Water in the most vital ingredient for healthy body and you should take it as much as you can. 8-10 glass of water everyday is must for every human.

Here are few moments in your day when you should just gulp down a glass of water irrespective of being thirsty or not.

After you wake up: 

Just like you splash some water on your face to get refreshed, your internal organs also need a jolt. Drinking a glass of water after you wake up will help your body to get rid of toxins before your first meal. This will also help your circulatory system to get rid of free radicals and residue of the calories burnt while sleeping. Here are 10 ways to increase your water intake.

Before every meal: 

Yes, you were told to gulp down a glass of water after your meals, but you need to do just the reverse. A glass of water before meals will make you eat less (read control weight), moisten the lining of the stomach so that acidic foods, if you eat any, will not irritate your innards, and helps in digestion.

However, don’t drink too much of water right before your meal. Have a glass at least 30 minutes before you start your meal, else your digestive juices will get diluted. The same goes for drinking water after meals. Here are 20 tips to drink water the right way.

Before eating a snack: 

Sometimes it is better to have a glass of water before you eat a snack. The hormones that trigger hunger and thirst are the same and so if you have been without water for a long time you can mistake your thirst for hunger and end up eating a high-caloric snack. So drink enough water to see if it’s your thirst that’s triggering hunger. Here are few reasons to drink water from a copper vessel.

Before taking a bath: 

This is really crucial, drinking a glass of water just before taking bath will help you regulate your body temperature and keep you safe from catching a cold or fever due to exposure to temperature fluctuations. Here are few ways in which water can enhance your beauty.

Before going to sleep: 

This makes total sense to replenish any fluid loss that you might face at night while sleeping.

Before and after workouts: 

Whether you choose to do an indoor or outdoor activity, make sure that you drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated. The same applies once you are done with your workout. However, don’t drink too much too soon as it could lead to muscle cramps.

If you have not had water for 30 minutes or so: Even if you don’t feel thirsty get a glass of water for yourself if you didn’t drink in the past 30 minutes.

The reason being, the mind is always having a dialogue with your inner self that sends vibrations across your vocal cords. They get tired soon, and it can affect your voice in the long run. So to save your voice, get up and fetch a glass of water. Here is why having lemon and warm water can do wonders for your health.

When you are tired: 

Water is an excellent energy booster. Since the universal liquid is able to move quickly throughout the body, water can reach your brain and activate it when you feel fatigued and lethargic. So give coffee a miss and drink a glass of water. 

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