How To Get Rid Of Extra Fat With Vaseline

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Surprising but true, Vaseline can be very helpful in getting rid of accumulated body fat very fast.

Vaseline is a moisture barrier, as well as moisturizer. It is a petroleum-based product that creates a film on the skin, which feels oily.

According to Natural Skin Care Group, “Vaseline melts over the skin as it is rubbed, melting into any cracks or crevasses. Then it solidifies, creating a protective barrier and locking in the skin’s natural moisture.”

Vaseline can be used by anyone on a daily basis or just weekly to create inexpensive body wraps to deter dry skin.

What you need to do:

Apply a quarter-size amount of Vaseline to dry area on skin. Ensure that there is a thin layer that covers the entire area of dry skin.

Pull out the Saran wrap from the box and tear off a piece that is large enough to wrap around the body part.

Wrap the Saran wrap around the area and make sure that it fits snug but not so snug that blood circulation will be interrupted. Place a strip of masking tape across the Saran wrap seam to ensure that it doesn’t fall off or become loose.

Allow the Vaseline to penetrate skin for 30 minutes. Take a pair of scissors and carefully cut the Saran wrap for removal. Gently wipe off excess Vaseline with a paper towel.

Shower thoroughly to remove greasy residue from the Vaseline. Use a moisturizing soap for removal.

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