Acidic pH Levels Can Cause Cancer

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It is a well-known fact among natural healers and medical professionals alike, that when your body encounters too much acidic compounds, then it’s not a healthy body anymore. Acidity presents an imbalance and this imbalance can makes the body vulnerable to a number of diseases.

More than anything else, you have to know that acidity can actually lead to cancer. Actually, too much acidity is an underlying factor in many degenerative diseases like diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia and more. A basic maxim of natural physicians is: Balance the bio terrain. Do this first, then everything can come back to normal.

Cancer has always been a feared disease. It takes so much away not only from the one who is diagnosed but also from the loved ones of the patient suffering from it.

In 1932, Otto Heinrich Warburg, a German scientist, discovered the main cause of cancer. With his investigations on tumors, he found out that cancer thrives in an environment that is deprived of oxygen. When the body lacks oxygen, it becomes acidic. Body cells need oxygen, but as Dr. Warburg found out, when a healthy cell is deprived of about 35% of oxygen, it will turn into a cancer cell within just 2 days.

Because of his findings, Dr. Warburg concluded that cancer is just but a defense mechanism of the body against acidity. The cancer cells are what the body creates to cope with the lack of oxygen in the body. With all of these in mind, it is safe to say that avoiding the Big C requires you to make sure your body has the proper pH level. One way of ensuring this is by examining the food that you eat. The majority of the foods we consume are high in acids, such as meat, grains, sugar. But one of the things they are very high in acidity levels are things like colas and other soft drinks.

When your blood starts to become acidic, your body deposits acidic substances (usually toxins) into cells to allow the blood to remain slightly alkaline. This causes your cells to become more acidic and toxic, which results in a decrease of their oxygen levels, and harms their DNA and respiratory enzymes. Over time, these cells increase in acidity and some die. These dead cells themselves turn into acids. However, some of these acidified cells may adapt in that environment. In other words, instead of dying – as normal cells do in an acid environment – some cells survive by becoming abnormal cells.

These abnormal cells are called malignant cells. Malignant cells do not correspond with brain function nor with our own DNA memory code. Therefore, malignant cells grow indefinitely and without order. This is cancer.

In general, degenerative diseases are the result of acid waste buildups within us. When we are born, we have the highest alkaline mineral concentration and also the highest body pH. From that point on, the normal process of life is to gradually acidify. That is why these degenerative diseases do not occur when you are young. Reverse aging requires two separate steps: chemical and physical. The first step is to lower the acidity of the body so that it can dispose of acidic wastes in the blood and cellular fluids safely and easily. The second step is to physically pull out old stored wastes into the blood stream so that they can be discharged from the body.”

As you learn about pH and cancer, you find there is a long history of reversing cancer simply by alkalinizing the body. It is one of the basic strategies in the battle against cancer and for improving your health in general. Virtually everyone with cancer has low pH levels. This is because cancer is created, and thrives, in a body that has low pH levels, a body that is acidic. Low pH causes your body to store more toxins in cells, and reduces oxygen levels, both of which are fundamental to the development of cancer. When cancer cells grow, they produce even more acid. Making it very difficult to raise pH levels, especially when cancer is present.

An alkaline diet based on vegetables and fruits creates a less-than-optimal environment for cancer proliferation, while at the same time, it strengthens the immune function and supports healthy cells in the body, too.You might also want to exercise regularly since physical activity supplies the body with oxygen.

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