1 TBSP of Apple Cider Vinegar for 60 Days Can Eliminate All These Health Problems

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Nutrients housed in apple cider vinegar have ability to treat various health and skin ailments. Apart from making your food delicious, it can prevent heart disease, reduce weight and treat common cold.

Below listed are health ailments that can be treated by consuming 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar.

#1. Regulate Cholesterol

Regular consumption of ACV diluted with water or salad will prevent oxidation and lowers bad cholesterol in your body.

#2. Heart Burn and Acid Reflux

Antibiotic activity of ACV helps to reduce acid reflux in stomach. Drink 1 tbsp of ACV mixed with a glass of water.

#3. Weight Loss

Assorted nutrients in ACV improve metabolism process and suppress appetite that helps you to lose weight.

#4. Candida

Regular consumption of ACV mixed with water will help you to get rid of candida, because of its anti-fungal properties.

#5. Better Nutrient Absorption

Acetic acid packed in ACV help to improve absorption of minerals from the food you eat. Add some ACV to salad to reap all nutrients in it.

#6. Sinus Congestion

Antibacterial property of apple cider vinegar helps to treat cold and other bacterial infections.

#7. Maintain Blood Sugar Levels

Studies back this claim that ACV has anti-glycemic property that helps to regulate blood sugar level.

#8. Antioxidant

Caffeic, chlorogenic, catechin and gallic housed in ACV exhibits antioxidant activity that improve your overall health functioning.

It reduce oxidative stress and remove toxins from the body.

How to Use

Mix 1 tablespoon of ACV with a glass of water.

Drink it in the morning regularly.

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