12 Best Foods to Eat In the Morning

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Breakfast isn’t necessary. According to Authoritynutrition.com, isn’t good that you skip breakfast instead of ingesting worst food.

A study published in 2015 states that about 25% of Americans skip their breakfast. However, high quality study recommends taking breakfast for good health.

Your body is starved overnight and is ready to absorb what you give. So, its best that you provide nutritious diet instead of junk food.

Below listed are top 12 foods for breakfast.

#1 Eggs

Apart from being delicious and healthy, eating breakfast in the morning will make you feel full and helps to regulate blood sugar levels.

Though high in cholesterol, eggs don’t increase cholesterol level in the body. (1)

3 Eggs provide 20 grams of high protein. (Hard boiled eggs are recommended.)

#2 Greek Yogurt

This delicious and healthy cream is made by straining whey to form protein rich food.

It also contains conjugated linoleic acid that helps to reduce the risk of breast cancer and help in fat loss.

#3 Coffee

High is caffeine, this morning drink is known to escalate your mood and improve mental performance. Ingesting 2-3 cups of coffee can help to burn fat and speed metabolism.

#4 Oatmeal

Beta-glucan is the fiber residing in oats that can reduce cholesterol and promotes fullness. Antioxidants packed in this food help to promote healthy functioning of heart and reduce blood pressure.

#5 Chia Seeds

High in fiber and exhibit antioxidant activity, chia seeds can reduce hunger in diabetic patients.

For healthy breakfast, experts recommend to mix chia seeds in milk and add 1 spoon of whey protein powder to it. Berries and almond milk can be added to this smoothie.

#6 Berries

Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries are different types of berries.

Rich in fiber, mix berries with yogurt or cottage cheese. Antioxidants packed in it can help to reduce heart disease.

#7 Nuts

They are delicious, satisfying and filled with nutrients.

All nuts are high in potassium, magnesium and monounsaturated fat that is good for healthy heart.

#8 Green Tea

Along with improving mood and alertness, green tea is packed with antioxidant agents that improve your overall health.

It is renowned for losing weight.

#9 Protein Shake

There are several types of protein like whey, soy, pea protein.

High intake of protein will make you fullness and regulate blood sugar levels. Study proves that protein smoothie helped to intake less calorie in next meal.

#10 Fruit

Fruits are packed with all essential nutrients for your health. A large orange can provide 100% of vitamin C intake per day for your body.

Pair fruits with eggs, cheese or yogurt for well balanced breakfast.

#11 Flaxseeds

Rich in viscous fiber, flaxseeds make you feel full for hours. Its intake can reduce insulin level, blood sugar levels and avoid blood cancer.

Grind flaxseed and add it to Greek yogurt or cottage cheese for healthy breakfast.

#12 Cottage Cheese

High in protein and conjugated linoleic acid, cottage cheese promotes fullness and increase metabolic rate.

Study states that ingesting cottage cheese decrease hunger hormone gherlin.


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