7 Warning Signs of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) That You Should Know

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PCOS is evolving into an extremely common hormonal disorder which has been plaguing modern day millennial ladies. Their lifestyle, lack of exercise and affinity towards processed food can be held responsible for the same.

Whatever be the cause, PCOS is characterised by the development of small fluid collections around the ovaries. These are also known as follicles and prevent ovaries from releasing eggs. Although the exact cause of PCOS is unknown, early diagnosis can help reduce the complications over time.

Today we are going to take a look at the symptoms of PCOS. In this way, you can be informed about your health condition and also take precautions accordingly. But first we shall discuss about the causes of PCOS.

What Causes Of PCOS?

Although the exact cause of PCOS is unknown, the following factors might play the role of a trigger:

  • Low-grade inflammation is caused when the polycystic ovaries are stimulated to produce androgen. This can cause both blood vessel and heart ailments.
  • Excess insulin is also infamous for increasing androgen production. This makes it difficult to have a normal ovulation. The insulin hormone is produced by our pancreas. It empowers our body to use sugar and produce energy. But blood sugar levels can rise if our cells become resistant to insulin.
  • Heredity has been marked as the culprit by various research studies.

Symptoms Of PCOS

  • One of the biggest signs of PCOS is growth of hair in unwanted regions. This is known as hirsutism in medical terms and can be seen affecting the breast, chin, thumbs, stomach and toe region of women.
  • Ladies having occasional chin hair need not worry. Having negligible hair growth in unnatural regions is not a sign of PCOS. However, significant hair growth can be a substantial cause of concern.
  • A unique thing about PCOS is that it causes hair thinning especially in those areas where we actually wish to have the same. The whole condition worsens in middle aged ladies. Elevated androgen levels are the culprit behind the same.

Various ladies have also reported male-pattern baldness. In this case, they tend to lose hair from both the back of their scalp and sides of their hair line.

  • Women suffering from PCOS often struggle with weight related issued. It also becomes difficult for them to lose weight in spite of repeated attempts. Thus, if you gain weight suddenly around your abdomen and upper body, then PCOS can surely be blamed for the same.
  • PCOS is related with hormonal changes. This in turn leads to excess oil secretion and ultimately pimple formation.
  • Ladies having PCOS often suffer from insomnia as well as sleep apnea. They keep on feeling tired even after sleeping adequately.
  • Pregnancy opens up a brand-new chapter in the life of ladies. But PCOS can make it difficult to get pregnant. This is why doctors have flagged PCOS as one of the biggest causes of infertility.

Ladies having PCOS fail to create adequate progesterone which is needed for a complete menstrual cycle. This turns underdeveloped eggs into cysts. The cysts act as a road block and deter healthy eggs from travelling into your uterus down the fallopian tubes.

Irregular period is another warning sign of PCOS. Women might experience heavy flow or not have periods over a span of several months in extreme cases.

Final Words

PCOS has been linked with Type 2 diabetes, endometrial cancer, miscarriage, depression, metabolic syndrome and many other ailments. If you experience any of the symptoms listed out above, then you need to schedule a doctor’s appointment immediately.


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