9 Things No One Tells You About Having Breast Cancer

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Cancer is that one ailment which never fails to give sleepless nights to patients as well as the medical fraternity. Breast cancer refers to the malignancy of breast tissues. It can make ladies undergo extremely difficult times.

Words of wisdom shared by people who have already faced this malice previously can be of great help while fighting this disease. Keeping such things in mind, we have collated together some information shared by the experienced lot. These can make things easier while going ahead in your battle against cancer.

  • The hospital in itself has a gloomy image. The whole thing becomes even more overbearing while paying visits to treat cancer. This is why, you should ask someone to accompany you while going through the doctor visits.

Patients often tend to walk out from the discussion room with meagre memory of the important pointers shared by the physician. This is where a trusted friend or relative can come to your aid. They can keep tab over all the information shared and even offer moral support.

  • You might often have queries regarding your ailment and treatment means. In such cases, you need to write it down immediately. This should be done even if you have a doctor’s appointment scheduled in the same day.

Following this practice makes sure that you don’t have to rattle your brain while at the doctor’s chamber. You can simply take a look at the notepad and discuss all the issues.

  • If you have an insurance policy in place, then you might have to deal with a lot of related queries during your treatment. The medical institution you have in mind might not accept your insurance plan. This is why, you need to know about the enlisted hospitals which are covered under your plan.
  • Don’t seem too surprise if your closest friend or relative starts forwarding your calls or seen zoning your messages. Cancer is one such disease which can run chills down everyone’s spines. This is why, people tend to walk away from cancer patients.
  • If you have been feeling lonely due to the ailment and lack of adequate friends in your life, then you can seek out the help of support groups. As the name suggests, these groups comprise of members who have experienced the same first hand.

But if you are not very comfortable about having a support group, then you can opt for online options. Online portals such as CaringBridge and Humanly allow people to share updates about the recovery process and boost other up.

  • While at the doctor’s chamber, you should place your queries directly without having to worry about being judged. It becomes essential for ladies who are going to undergo mastectomy or lumpectomy procedures. The recovery process for breast cancer is highly unpredictable. But you can surely gain an edge by having doctors answer all your questions in advance.
  • You might have heard cancer survivors sharing their gruelling chemotherapy stores. But this treatment procedure is not necessarily bad in every single scenario. It pays to have a clear conversation with the doctor who can prepare you in advance for the side effects which might follow suit.
  • Having strong post-cancer goals in place can make your entire treatment seem a lot more bearable. It can be a trip to your favorite destination or buying the car you had always wished for. But these goals can push you emotionally even when everything else seems lost.
  • If you are thinking about getting a second option, then you should definitely go for it. People make mistakes and this also holds true for doctors. This is why getting multiple opinions can help you stay safe rather than being sorry.

Final Words

Cancer survivors have revealed that focusing on the non-cancer parts of their life has helped them move forward. You can try to get a degree on a subject of your choice or even undergo pampering sessions at the parlour.

At the end of the day, you need to be happy and keep your spirits high. This can also go a long way in curing your ailment along with traditional treatment procedures.


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