11 Must Know Tips On Chemo Scarves

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After the hair loss from chemotherapy, many cancer patients prefer to use headscarves and hats. Headscarves come in various styles and colors however, choosing the right one is a little tricky.

Before buying the headscarves for yourself or for any cancer patients, keep these points in mind before buying chemo scarves.

1. Understanding the concept of scarf material and texture

The texture option in chemo hats comes in different colors, materials, and patterns. Once you understand the fabric preference of your body, it became easy to choose the right type of chemo hat. Some of the fabrics to choose from are:

  • Silk
  • Chiffon
  • Cotton
  • Cashmere
  • Rayon
  • Wool
  • Viscose

2. Choosing the right print to suits your personality

A chemo hat comes in many textures and prints such as:

  • Solids
  • Strips
  • Creature prints
  • Scenes

However, you should choose chemo headscarves that compliment your personality best and give you confidence.

3. Correct measurement of your head

To get the perfect hat perfectly fits on your head, it is necessary to have correct measurements of your head. You can measure your head with a measuring tape for better results.

11 Must Know Tips on Chemo Scarves-min

4. Tying a chemo hat techniques

Once you understand the art of tying your chemo hat in different ways, you can create a new look every day. For extra help, you can check videos available online to guide and help you to tie your headscarves in different styles.

5. Use different accessories

You can fix your scarf with accessories like hairpins or flower bands to make it look more stylish. On the other hand, you can also try blossom sticks for a funky look.

6. Chemo scarves crown

Many women with no hair due to cancer miss the head crown. Women with hair loss who do not have any wish to wear wig prefer to wear headscarves at the head crown.

7. Style your head with creativity

Hairpieces are an awesome choice to style your chemo hats especially for men who lost their hair due to chemotherapy. According to different surveys, many cancer patients purchase scarves with hairpieces.

8. Use chemo Scarves after treatment

Even after your hair growth, you can keep on wearing chemo hats. You can style them according to your hair length. Wrap them around your shoulder or utilize them as belts, it’s all up to you.

9. No need to feel ashamed with your Chemo Scarves

Chemo Scarves are not just to tell everyone that you are suffering from cancer, Chemo Scarves shows that you are confident and strong enough to fight with this illness.

10. Take care of your chemo hat

Regularly wash your chemo hats and do not let others use your hat. Try to stay away from such circumstances where you have to encounter other ill people.

11. Try to keep Chemo Scarves simple

Daily getting dressed and wearing chemo scarves requires a great deal of courage. Organize your scarf according to your dress and mood. However, when you are exercising simply tie your chemo hat to avoid any disturbance.

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