11 Brilliant Ice Cubes Tray Hacks You Can Do At Home

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Ice cube trays are not only used to store water, however, you can also freeze much more than water. From coffee to wine to chocolate, you have options to store many things in ice cube trays. As well as, you can use an ice cube tray for your home decoration, this not only saves your money on decorative items also adds a new shine to your home.

Here are 11 brilliant ice cubes hacks you can do at home:

11 brilliant ice cubes tray hacks

1. Organize jewelry

A little ice cube tray can become your mini dressing table, organize your mini earrings, rings, nose rings, etc. in your vanity drawer. This not only helps you to maintain your jewelry, but it also helps in keeping the things in a different cabinet.

2. Make garbage disposal

In the holiday season, it is natural to celebrate each day as a party and instead of throwing out the garbage, make your own mini garbage disposal for small things such as white vinegar, citrus peels, and other small items. Place them in the tray and wrap plastic over them in order to avoid the littering of these items.

3. Mix paint

Use your ice cube tray as a paint tray, where you mix all the colors or you can use the cells to keep colors separate for touchups and small craft projects.

4. Collect all the small things

Small things that are most of the time scattered around the house such as tacks, paper clips, needles, and buttons. Instead of searching the whole house in the time of need, make a small place just for them.

5. Grow a mini garden

In case, you are a fan of gardening then save the environment by using the plastic ice cube trays as a mini garden. Grow little plants on an ice cube tray and add a little shine to your garden. Moreover, make sure to drill a little hole in the bottom of each cell for drainage.

6. Create a display case

Color them as you like and place them on the wall and once you are done with your work, place little toys for show.

7. Store bite-size treats

Try out this sweet idea by filling the compartments with your favorite small size eatables such as Rice Krispie.

8. Save bacon fat

Almost every non-vegetarian loves to have a slice of bacon occasionally; however, bacon fat can be used salad dressing or sauté greens. Therefore, freeze the dripping leftover in an ice cube tray and use it whenever you wish.

9. Prepare homemade ravioli

To make homemade ravioli using an ice cube tray, all you need to do is to press a thin sheet of pasta dough into the tray. Then fill each cube with your favorite content, and top the tray with another thin sheet of pasta. Once you are done with this, seal the edges, cut, and pop out of the tray.

10. Preserve herbs

An ice cube can be used to preserve the herbs, just freeze the herbs in oil so you have an instant start to sautéing foods.

11. Make coffee cubes

Running late for work but in a need for coffee? Make little coffee cubes and whenever you are running late mix them in milk and your coffee is ready.

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