5 Things Guys Secretly Want From You But Will Never Tell You

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Today I will share few secrets which man will never ask for but they want it from women. May it be love, sex, care or intimacy men want that his women should take the initiative, but they will never ask you for that.

So here I am jotting down few points which will help you know your man in a better way.

  • Respect – every individual seeks respect, but this makes more sense when it comes from the lady whom he loves very much. So, if you want him to come closer to you then this is one of the things you must try.
  • Compliments – no man like compliments from outside, because he thinks that it is not manly. But he likes it from inside. It feels very proud that the lady loves his looks.
  • Encouragement – every man likes women who encourage him to achieve his goals, supports him in his crisis and tell him that she is with him at every stage. This will give confidence and booster to the man to achieve his goals.
  • Sexual variety – after some time sex becomes dull in a relationship. There must be variety in sex whether it be positions, hot shower, sexy lingerie or anything naughty that he wants to hear. This will definitely spice up your married life or any relation.
  • Be a friend – when you will be a friend of your partner, they will open up more and they will like sharing things with you. Do not nag him every time and give him some space to do his things like watching a sport etc.


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