How To Deal With Depression After Break Up

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In most of the times break ups in a relationships are very painful. Someone was your life and suddenly you have no right to call him. In most of the cases depression that comes after a break-up is very heavy and no one can feel your situation.

Always remember it will take time to heal but if you really wanna get out of this, you can do it soon.

1. If you wanna cry, go for it.

People will say, don’t cry but if you ant to cry, go for it, use a whole box of tissues and feel miserable for a while. It’s okay.

This time is very emotional for you and its very difficult to get rid of it. Just sit alone and cry for sometime. You will feel better.

2. Hide everything that remind you about your ex relationship.

If you do not want to throw it, its your choice but hide it to any safe place.

3. Try to keep you busy.

Try to follow your daily routine. Your professional life should not get affected. Keep yourself busy as much as you can.

4. Enjoy.

Go out and do something you enjoy, like a hobby you have always loved, whether it’s biking or karate or drawing, playing guitar, etc. Make sure you are focusing on the activity and the joy that it brings you, thereby distracting yourself.

5. Spend time with other people.

No one is responsible for your break up, so do not spoil other relations for one break up. Spend quality time with other people who are still in your life

6. At last accept the truth and move forward.

At last you have to accept end of your relationship and move ahead in your life.

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