10 Mistakes That Ruin Your Relationship Or Marriage

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Nowadays, happy relationships and marriages are far less in numbers as compared to separations and divorces. A content, steady relationship or marriage has become a rare occurrence in the present.

Marriages have begun to lose their integrity; relationships are broken over mismatches in lifestyles or opinions between the partners.

Be it our lack of capability to compromise, or our concern over the promise of commitment, or even the demanding expectations we create for ourselves, we find conditions to crumble away our romantic relationships and experience heartbreaks. Such instances have increased the chances of a marriage winding up in divorces.

One of the primary risks that apply to any relationship or marriage is when one or both the partners stop trying to make it work. It’s a common understanding that the honeymoon phase of a relationship or marriage – the period where you aim to impress each other and be the best version of yourselves – doesn’t last forever.

After the fluttering butterflies begin to diminish, a new phase of your relationship begins where you’re both comfortable around your partner. But if you aren’t watchful, you’ll find yourself getting a tad too comfortable in the relationship and begin to ponder reasons as to why you’re in this relationship. That said, it does not mean that only big blowouts will end up ruining your relationship.

Sometimes, it’s the little mistakes made by partners that end up sabotaging relationships. So, here’s a list of 10 common non-gender-specific ways that couples mistakenly wreck their relationships or marriages. And we hope that this list helps couples to create meaningful conversations that will help them to patch up their relationship before it’s too late.

10 Mistakes That Ruin Your Relationship or Marriage

1. Passing the blame

It’s no news that couples in relationships and marriages argue. But there are moments where some of you absolutely refuse to admit that you are wrong. You end up indirectly stating that you’re the one who’s always right and your partner is always wrong. But that is impossible every time. The stronger you hold on to your ego, the more difficult it will become for you to accept your faults. Admitting that you’re wrong or saying that you’re sorry will only help prosper your relationship. Your relationship or marriage is not a competition that you need to win. Never let such a tiny problem come in between you and the person you love.

2. Expecting your partner to change for you

It is a common fact that no one’s perfect. We all have our flaws and our own unique behavior that’s specific to our character. So, when you expect your significant other to change for you, it’s not possible. That is one of the biggest mistakes you can ever make in your relationship or marriage. Trying to mold your partner just for the sake for love will only bring resentment in your relationship. Unless it’s some serious addiction or bad habit, don’t try to ever change the way your partner is. Instead, accept your partner the way he/she is.

3. Allowing a 3rd wheel

Allowing the interference of a third person in your relationship or marriage is one of the most common mistakes that couples make. It doesn’t matter if the third person is a family member or a close friend. You should never expect any third person to fully comprehend your relationship and try to solve your problems. Partners having issues or facing any difficulties in their relationship must have the ability to talk face to face to try to solve their problems. Allowing the interference of a third wheel may worsen your problems instead of solving it. But taking assistance and help in form of couple’s therapy or marriage counseling is whole different case as here, a specialist helps you to sort out your issues.

4. Holding grudges

Forgiveness is an important factor in all aspects of life as well as in relationships and marriages. Just as forgiveness is an important factor in life; it plays a bigger role in your relationship or marriage. We all make mistakes, it’s a run-of-the-mill human characteristics. It’s fair to say that couples make mistakes in their relationships. Holding your partner’s mistakes and never letting it go by always bringing it up is a major NO-NO! If you don’t end up giving up this mistake, you’ll be responsible for worsening your relationship. The best thing to do would be to just forget the mistake and move on.

5. Lack of communication

Communication is a key factor in making any relationship or marriage work. Quality communication between the partners is a must for them to successfully have a long-term relationship. Never bottle up your thoughts or feeling. Instead share them with your partner. Doing so, will help you create a meaningful connection that will only strengthen your bond.

6. Disregarding your partner’s needs

Neglecting or disregarding your partner’s emotional and physical needs is another mistakes that couples make. It’s important that you take care of each other’s physical and emotional needs as it only leads to a stronger relationship. Failing to do so, will drive your partner to search for someone who will fulfill that task. And this can ruin your relationship in a manner that you won’t be able to put back together again.

7. Taking the relationship to be granted

Relationships and marriages can be intensively tricky. When you find the right partner, the one who you love and wish to spend all of eternity together; all you want to do is relax and have fun together. But alas, life is not easy, relationships no easier. Relationships take work for it to be successful. You and your partner need to put in equal effort to keep the romance and passion from fizzing out.

10 Mistakes That Ruin Your Relationship or Marriage

8. Keeping secrets

Trust is the most important element for a relationship or marriage to be successful. Once this element is broken, it can get very difficult to mend it. And one of the major ways couple break their partner’s trust is by keeping secrets from them. Keeping a secret, no matter its magnitude, is considered equivalent to lying. And when the truth comes out – as it always does – your partner will end up feeling betrayed. So, don’t keep secrets from your partners.


9. Being critical unnecessarily

We are not perfect beings. There are some relationships where one partner criticize every little thing that his/her partner does. Constant judgement of your partner’s intentions and moves will end up annoying your partner. And it’s likely that he may not put up with you for due to your negative attitude. If your partner makes any suggestions to help you through something, appreciate it.

10. Over-dependency on your partner

It’s easy to get lost in romance and spending as much as time possible with each other. You can’t seem to get enough of your partner. But making each other your entire life will only bring in bitterness and wreckage in your relationship. It’s crucial that you have a life separate from your relationship to keep you from becoming too dependent on your partner. There may come a day when you realize that spending only time with your partner has led you to abandon your friends and family. Carve out some personal time for yourself to reconnect with your friends and family or to pursue a hobby. This will help create a balance between your personal life and relationship life.


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