10 Signs That He Doesn’t Love You And You’re In An Unhealthy Relationship

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When you begin a relationship, you cherish the knowledge that the person you’re with wants to be with you in return. This awareness brings a sense of solidarity and reassurance in your love and relationship. But then life happens and things turn bad.  All of that security and promise you once had with your partner and in your relationship instantly disappears. The one person you thought you could trust to be by your side forever, instead starts to pull away from you. If something feels “off” with your partner, it probably is. And if something is indeed off, that’s an issue. You are bound to leap to the worst conclusion that your partner doesn’t love you anymore and doesn’t want to be with you now. It gets tough when your partner pulls away or moves on whilst still being in a relationship with you. Here are 10 giveaway signs that will tell you whether or not he still loves you and if your relationship is healthy or not.

  • He no longer makes time for you

It is a clear sign that your relationship may be over when your man doesn’t prioritize you anymore in his life. If he still truly loved you, he would make considerable efforts to spend time with you no matter how busy he may get. He will know that connecting with you is much more important. But a partner who doesn’t love you anymore will try to avoid you as much as he can. He does so because he’s not ready to face the bitter truth that the relationship might be over. Instead of being responsible for dealing with the problem, he will choose to downright avoid you. When he makes too many excuses to hang out with you, it’s likely that he no longer wishes to spend time with you.

  • He repeatedly fails to keep his word

Have you begun to notice your partner lying to you very often or failing to keep words to you? Unfortunately, this is a sure sign of him falling out of love with you. Your relationship is one of the most romantic and intimate relationships of your life, and trust is the ingredient that adds intimacy to it. Secrets and lies do nothing but destroy any foundation of trust that you build with your partner. If he doesn’t keep his word anymore, you’re in an unhealthy relationship where he doesn’t care for you.

  • He doesn’t ask about you or your life

In an unhealthy relationship, your partner will have lost the interest to know more about you. Not only is it rude, but it’s also a sure sign that he longer has romantic feelings for you. If your partner really loved you, he would try to know every little detail of your day. He will wish to know about your friends, family, work, be sure to listen to you when you speak. He will have a sincere interest in you.

  • He will not want to be physically intimate

When your partner starts to fall out of love, the sparks of physical intimacy wither away in your relationship. You will be able to immediately notice this in the changes in his kisses or hugs. The intimate chemistry between you and your partner can say a lot about your relationship. Think about how he has changed in this manner. Has he stopped giving you the long hugs he once gave? Did he stop kissing you in the mornings? When you begin to recognize these changes, it gives you a fine idea of whether or not your partner is still into you. The absence of a healthy sex life is another indication of relationship fizzing out.

  • Everything you do annoys him

Great relationships are built on the fact that both partners feel great to be with each other. Two loving partners can be genuine and open with each other without the fear of being judged. And that is why it’s an alarming sign if your partner starts getting annoyed at you for anything you do. He keeps snapping at you for little things. That’s a clear sign that he’s done with you and the relationship.

  • He really hurts you when you fight

Every couple fights differently. The golden rule that most healthy couples follow is that they fight to solve an issue and not to hurt their significant other. Comparing the differences in how you fight now and how you used to fight will help you figure out if there’s anything you need to be worried about. If your current fights have turned nasty or malicious where your partner displays too much negativity or anger, it means that your relationship is doomed.

  • He suddenly demands space from you and the relationship

Your partner will only demand to be left alone if he doesn’t enjoy being with you as he did before. Try asking him the reasons for wanting this sudden space. If he gives you a specific answer, deal with it and move on. But if answers vaguely, and does not disclose any solid reasons as to why he wants this sudden space, then understand that his love for you is running out.

  • He ONLY wants to be intimate

Excess of physical intimacy and lack of emotional intimacy is another positive sign of an unhealthy relationship. It’s a huge issue if the only thing your partner wants is to have sex with you. “Deep talks? No, let’s just stay in bed.” “Let’s go out today? Nah, I prefer having fun with you in bed more.” We agree that sexual intimacy is necessary for a successful relationship. But if your partner only craves sex from you in the relationship, that’s an issue. Sex shouldn’t be the only way to connect with your significant other. If your partner bases your relationship on only sex, it’s not healthy.

  • He stopped telling you that he loves you

This has to be the most prominent sign that will tell you if your partner loves you anymore or not. The moment you begin to question yourself “Does he still love me?” is the moment you need to be aware of your partner’s current feelings. If your partner was in love with you, he would make it known to you. He will always want you to know how he feels about you. His love for you will be certain. But when he stops such romantic declarations, he does so because he doesn’t love you anymore.

  • He just comes across unhappy

It’s common for partners in a relationship to feel down from time to time. But if your partner experiences constant bad mood only when he’s with you, then it’s a solid sign that your relationship is the reason for his bad mood. Your partner has begun to feel smothered by you and the relationship, leading to his bad mood. And if there’s no indication of his mood improving, it’s a clear hint that your relationship may be reaching its end.

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