10 Wholesome Relationship Goals You Actually Want

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Every couple strives to have relationship goals that would make their relationship strong, fun and unique. The term ‘relationship goals’ has lit up all across social media. One can even say that it’s become somewhat of a phenomenon that all couples aspire to. If you were to look for the term #relationshipgoals on social media, you’re bound to find some over-the-top, funny and sweet ideas of what the term means to the couples all across the world of internet. But what actually counts as real relationship goals that you want in your life with your partner?

10 Wholesome Relationship Goals You Actually Want

In its most basic form, a relationship goal can be any experience, benchmark or desire that you may want to aim for with your significant other. And these goals should be such that it inspires your partner and you to perfect your relationship for the better. Relationship goals can be regarded as a sort of direction or suggestion on how partners can give and get love in a relationship.

One thing to keep in mind is that any relationship goal that you wish to create must focus on your life and facts, and not fantasy. Couples like Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh or John Legend and Chrissy Teigen present a fairytale love story with a flawless couple goals that most of us wish to achieve. But the thing, you must consider is that each couple has a unique dynamic that mostly only works for them and may not work for you if you were to apply the same in your relationship. Regardless, no matter who you are, you definitely must have a thought of what your relationship goals are. So, here’s a list of ten real relationship goals that we all want in our lives:


1. Adventure Together

Adventures together can do wonders for a relationship, especially ones that may be too routine or boring. Adventuring together can bring about a drastic change in your relationship by breathing fresh air into it. Couples that hope to achieve new relationship goals always try to do new things together. These adventures need not be something as extreme as skydiving or paragliding, but if you’re up to it, then why not? You can start off by trying out new activities, no matter how small or trivial it may seem. Wanted to try out a new cafe for a long time? Do it! And if you get the chance to travel, do so. Travel to places you’ve always wanted to visit with your partner; don’t wait for the “right time”, make the time and travel as much as you can together.  Doing so will bring a sense of newness and fervor into your relationship which in turn will help keep your love alive. #ouradventure

2. Future Oriented

Talking about the future may not always lead to results you expected to. But this is something you must always consider in a relationship. Everything may be jolly good now, but is the relationship heading anywhere? Do you both see each other together, living together in the future? Planning towards long-term relationship goals will contribute a blanket of security in your relationship that may even lead to contentment in the future if it were to be accomplished. #thinkfuture

3. Be Besties; Not Just Romantic Partners

A couple should definitely have romantic chemistry as it is that inherent chemistry that grows to be the backbone of their relationship. But being friends is equally important. The element of friendship between couples promotes a healthy relationship. Your partner and you should feel comfortable talking and joking with each other and appreciate each other just like you would with one of your buddies. #bestbuds

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4. Keep Sex Interesting

You’ll always find people complaining how having sex with the same person, in the same way for a long period of time can get quite boring. There’s the myth that being in a long-term relationships equals to faded passion. Though, we beg to differ. The important thing you must wrap your head around is that sex only becomes boring when you let it be. Once you have found your significant other, you both should try to spice things up in bed and make sure to please each other. #spiceitup

5. Fighting Fair

It’s no new news that couples in relationships fight. These fights can range from a simple argument or to something bigger that may even create cracks in a relationship. So, to avoid such instances, couples should be equipped with the knowledge of handling conflicts. The common mistake that most couples make here is is that they forget that any issue can be solved with simple communication tactics. Take a breather, view the situation objectively and calmly talk to your partner. Don’t get the feeling of wanting to be right get in between you and your partner. #fightforlove

10 Wholesome Relationship Goals You Actually Want

6. Create Your Bubble

Keane once sang “let’s go somewhere only we go…” Every long-term relationship, couples aspire to have that “magical place”; a bubble in the world that is only limited to them. Creating such a world that is meaningful to you and your partner is very important. That bubble you create becomes an intimate world that only you and your significant other knows and is aware of. It’s made of everything that makes your relationship special – your memories you share together, special words exchanged, personal details that were shared. #ourbubble

7. Have Each Other’s Back

Having each other’s back is as important as loving each other in a relationship. As we all know, relationships take effort and work for it to be long-lasting. It’s never as easy as shown on the television shows. Every relationship has good times as well as bad times. It’s crucial to have each other’s back whenever things go bad in your relationship. Support each other no matter how dark things may seem. #thereforyou

8. Safe Space

There are times when your partner may have a hard time telling you something. This hesitancy only occurs when there’s a lack of safe space. Be a safe space for each other. Any problems, issues should be easily talked about with each other without the fear of being judged. And, of course, have a trusting relationship that can withstand any complication that may come across your path. #safespace

9. Handle Each Other

One of the fundamental relationship goals is to really take care of each other. Always take your partner’s considerations and interests before you finalize any decision. Be sure to treat each other with respect and treasure each other’s hearts with extreme care. #handlewithcare

10. Unconditional Love

Every relationship should have the goal of loving each other unconditionally. While it may sound easy, we can assure you that it’s tougher than building a rocket But it is a goal that is surely achievable. Love and trust each other, support each other without actually expecting anything in return. #unconditionallove

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