Things You Need To Work Upon In Your Relationship Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Sun-signs & the things they need to manage in order to make a relationship work; things you need to look out for if you are dating one…

Compatibility depends on several factors; your personality, preferences, choices, thinking etc., & if all of that matches with your partner. There are some things that can be adjusted but largely this is not wholly in your hand. Your sun sign has a lot to do with your compatibility.Your temperament depends much on your inherent nature & invisible star influence. When 2 opposing temperaments clash, that’s when issues arise!

Let’s have a look…

ARIES [ MARCH 21ST TO APRIL 19TH] – Your stubbornness might ruin things a bit. Speaking is the key to any healthy relationship. Though you might think its better to shut up when it comes to problem, you should instead speak out & try to solve problems. Face your problems & deal with it! Being blunt is different than being honest. Just try to put things in a way you would want to be addressed!

TAURUS [ APRIL 20TH TO MAY 21ST] – Tauruses are competitive people & they tend to get their competitive spirit in their relationships as well. They can easily get impressed & as easily get pissed. Just don’t compare yourself with your partner & keep a scoreboard of who is better. You & your partner are a team & your cumulative scoreboard adds up both your potentials, so utilise it.

GEMINI [MAY 22ND TO JUNE 21ST] – A bit forgetful people when it comes keeping words & promises, in spite of not intending to do it. They do make commitments with full sincerity. This carefree attitude might create some trust issues & the partner might feel let down again & again. Keep note of things, important events etc, for such small gestures will make your partner also feel special.

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CANCER [ JUNE 22ND TO JULY 22ND ] – Nothing for a Cancerian is a joke. They become serious about every commitment. This might be an issue for the opposite person might interpret your attitude as clinginess or obsession. Just let go a little, relax the hold, relax yourself & let your love keep your partner with you! They might have an issue with unwanted blurting when they are angry. They themselves forget such tiffs within 5 minutes but they don’t realise the impact of what they have already said. Controlling your tongue with a deliberate thought & intend so that no one gets hurt would be beneficial.

LEO [JULY 23RD TO AUGUST 22RD] – Leos are a bit bossy & a little egoistic. This might overpower the equality quotient in the relationship & cause their dominance. Just step back a little, lose charge a bit, let them take charge & see the magic happen! They will feel more important & things will get better. Lose your self-importance & start looking at your partner as an equal. If you are dating a Leo, just make them trust you & let their guard down. They are very soft people inside & keep their ego as guard in order not to lose power or get hurt. Make them feel safe & you’ll see a whole new side to them. They are a bit impatient & you might want to work on it.

VIRGO [ AUGUST 23RD TO SEPTEMBER 22ND ] – Virgos are a bit jealousy people. It might not be out of habit but subconsciously. If you are a Virgo then cut back on your insecurity & let go & relax. If you are dating a Virgo, help them feel secure in your company & help them get over their jealous streak. They try to hide their insecurities under a blanket of judgement. Accusations might not always come out as they intend it to but it is only their own fears that speak.

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LIBRA [ SEPTEMBER 23RD TO OCTOBER 22ND ] –A bit of drama with a dash of creativity. That’s their personality. Sometimes, this fun might get out of hand & can get you in trouble. They try fix things, people & their partners. Respect each person’s individuality & enjoy the freshness in their personality. Learn something & teach something, just don’t try to repair! Let the imperfection be! You can’t fix everything.

SCORPIO [OCTOBER 23RD TO NOVEMBER 22ND ] – Zero tolerance & hyper people. If you are dating a scorpio, you need to be a great listener for they have loads to tell. They are so hyper that they miss out on important things & may get caught for it. They are great planners but have very little holding back if things don’t happen as they planned. Ego exists which might get offensive to the opposite person after certain point.

SAGITTARIUS [NOVEMBER 23RD TO DECEMBER 22ND ] – They self-pity & ruin things themselves. They have low self esteem & consider themselves not worthy enough, thus eliminating their own chances at things. A person who is meant for you will see the true you, with your faults of course but that won’t make a great difference. After all, nobody is perfect!

CAPRICORN [ DECEMBER 23RD TO JAN 20TH] – They hold a ‘I will conquer the world attitude’ which might be good in theory but when brought into relationships might drive your partner crazy. You need to have faith in them & let loose a bit. this might help you relax as well as will help your partner gain a deeper insight of the real you.

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AQUARIUS [ JANUARY 21ST TO FEBRUARY 18TH] – They let go things thinking that they are the bigger person, but in reality this backfires. They end up compromising on what they deserve & settle for anything in an attempt to not hurt people. Voice out what you feel, for honestly is the key to a healthy relationship.

PISCES [ FEBRUARY 19TH TO MARCH 20TH] – Tantrums & attention seekers. They want to steal the show wherever they go. If that doesn’t happen they start spoiling the mood by throwing tantrums. Possessiveness might come in, in this situation & the situation might get out of hand. Open your eyes beyond ‘YOU’ & look at others & acknowledge their presence. Letting go might help. If you are dating a pisces person, just don’t let them feel the need to seek attention. If they feel secure in their position, they will no longer be the spoiler!

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