Is Shaving Pubic Hair Safe?

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Nowadays almost every women is removing her pubic hair because they want their skin to be smooth and soft.According to recent studies it was shown that most of women remove pubic hair partially or completely.This has became a normal thing and even a necessity,but many scientist have also proven that it provides many side effects and risk as well.

We suggest you not to wax or shave your pubic hair!

In “American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology” the scientist Andrea De Maria published that women are not self-aware what kind of problem they can made by shaving their pubic hair.

Sometimes shaving cannot be so safe when it comes in handy the genital area because that part is very sensitive and it should be shaved very carefully. They found out that 86% of women are visiting beauty salon for this purpose while 91% are shaving their pubic hair at home.

The skin in the genital area is very sensitive and prone to cuts and wounds. Many women experience itching as a result of shaving.

Moreover, the area below the waist is full of sweat glands, meaning that it is the ideal environment for bacteria to thrive. So, if the skin has small cuts, it is likely that you will get an infection.

Last but not least, it is important to mention that the pubic hair acts as barrier of $exually-transmitted diseases.

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