Tips To Relieve Menstrual Cramps

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In every woman’s life, there is a phase every month which gives immense pain and irritation. You can reduce this pain by getting more worse and painful.

To minimize this pain you have to follow these 8 steps:

  • Caffeine- stop taking the intake of caffeine as it contracts the blood vessels thus by giving you more pain.
  • Smoking – according to an Australian study, women who don’t smoke during periods get lesser pain than their counterparts who smoke during this phase.
  • Sugar – sugar intake must be minimized during this period because excess sugar increases the level of insulin in your blood and upset the balance.
  • Alcohol – drinking alcohol in excess amount can cause more pain during the periods. This is because alcohol reduces the magnesium level which causes more cramps.
  • Salt – just like sugar, taking excess os salt is also not advised during periods. Usually during periods face becomes puffy and intake of excess salts make this condition even worse.
  • Stress- if your stress levels are high during this period, this will surely make the condition worse by having more cramps and pain.
  • Sleep- if you don’t sleep for required hours per day, the body will not release a hormone called serotonin which usually helps to regulate the sensitivity of pain.
  • Junk food- junk food increases the sodium level in the body and which cause inflammation in the body.


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