6 Rules To Keep Your Vagina Healthy And Fresh

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Today I will share 6 principles for keeping the vagina healthy. These principles consist many techniques includes diet, clothes, care and good hygiene. So if you are facing problems with any kind of vaginal infections or problems then this article is definitely for you.

Choose clothing carefully

Your vagina should be dry. Sometimes if you wear tight fitting fabrics it may create hot and warm conditions. So always wear breathable cotton panties or underwear. And if you are facing yeast infections then avoid wearing soaky wet swimsuits or clothes for longer time.

Follow good hygiene

Changing of sanitary napkins and tampons at regular intervals during periods may decrease the chance of vaginal yeast infections. Every time wipe from front to back to avoid these problems.

Practice safe sex

Always use condoms to protect against sexually transmitted infections.

Maintain a healthy diet

Maintaining nutritious diet and drinking plenty of water are vital in maintaining a healthy vagina. So eat more yogurt, it helps in preventing from yeast infections as yogurt is rich in probiotics.

Protect vaginal pH balance

Do not use harsh soaps or body soaps to clean vagina, it may damage the pH balance and cause problems.

Treat infections

Even if sometimes you get infection after your care, then you should not panic and do the needful. Treating these infections are very important as they may lead to painful and serious reproduction problems.

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