5 Period Hacks Every Girl Should Know To Make Periods Easy

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1) Back pain & Cramps:

If you get really bad back pain and cramps before period, take a warm heated pad or take a sock filled with some beans warm it and keep at the place where you have pain and it will give you lot of relief

2) Bloated stomach & Pooping:

I f you are like me you feel like pooping a lot, especially because it relieves you of that bloated stomach and while you are doing that probably the worst thing to happen is you have constipation. Make sure you have lots of fruits & Veggies , increase your fibre intake and drink lot of water and this will ease your pooping.


3) Getting rid of the smell:

We all stink during period and we smell like fish and though there are lot of wipes available in the market that promise you fresh feeling and removing the smell , they don’t usually work. The best thing to do to remove the smell is to just take some paper towel and wet it with warm water and wipe , this looks very simple but it is the best solution to get rid of the smell

4) Window Shopping for Light exercise:

When you are on a period, it is not imaginable to do full on exercise like gym, but light exercises will help your body and the best way you can do this is to do window shopping, window shopping will not only improve your mood a lot, but the walking will help your body alleviate the back pain, cramps and also improves the blood flow in the body

5) Say goodbye to pads:

We have all been used to pads and don’t ever think of anything else as possible solution, but believe me tampons are the best thing to use during the periods. Especially if you are like, when you are using pads, you sneeze, you cough or if you standup , you will have that flow keep rushing out, but with tampons the life is so easy. Believe me and try the tampons once and you will switch to it for sure.

6) Sweet tooth cravings:

If you have sweet tooth cravings make sure you don’t go for ice creams or chocolate, instead go for some fruits and especially ones like watermelon, they will calm your sweet cravings and help your body through your periods.

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