6 Very Dangerous Things That You Should Avoid Doing During Your Periods

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Every woman experiences many physical and emotional challenges while having a period. During periods, your body is more prone to infections and other health problems, which is why you need to pay attention to certain things that can be dangerous to your body. Here are 6 bad habits that you should stop following during your period.

Such dangerous habits that you should definitely avoid during periods are:

Having Unprotected Sexual Intercourse

Many women assume that the chances to ovulate during the period are inexistent and that it is fine to have unprotected sexual intercourse. However, even though the chances are lower, you can still get pregnant. Also, by having an unprotected intercourse during your periods, you increase your risk of getting infections.

Staying Awake All Night

Sleeping is extremely important during your period. The menstrual cramps get worse in the morning. Therefore, you should provide your body with a good night’s sleep so that all of your functioning organs can relax from the pain you have experienced throughout the day.

Not eating enough

Skipping a meal while having a period can damage your health since during this time of the month you are losing a lot of blood, energy, and nutrients.
In order to control your energy levels and to maintain your body active, you should have all the 3 meals of the day, as well as some snack in between.

Eating too much dairy products

The consumption of dairy products can increase your menstrual pain. Certain foods, such as milk, yogurt, and cheese contain arachidonic acids which can be responsible for worsening the cramps.

Nevertheless, by avoiding these products, you will lower your level of calcium, so you can replace them with almond milk and some fruit smoothies.

Doing more painful things

You are already experiencing pain in your lower abdomen due to periods, so you shouldn’t give more pain to your body. During your period, your levels of estrogen are very low and this hormonal change can worsen your pain.

Since your body has lost its ability to bear the pain, you should avoid doing things that will give you any additional pain, such as getting a wax or planning a root canal.

Wearing the Same Pad for Too Long

Wearing the same pad for a long period of time is one of the biggest mistakes that many women make during their period.

The moist environment of the pads encourages a growth of bacteria, which can lead to many infections in the reproductive and urinary systems.

According to a recent research, you should change the sanitary pads at least once in every 3 hours, even when your flow is light.

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