US Border Authorities Are Expelling Migrant Children Into Mexico

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US authorities have broken a diplomatic agreement with Mexico, as it stands accused of dumping immigrant children across the Mexican border.

As per the two nations’ agreed upon decision, they were working together when it comes to tackling immigration. The ruling states that Mexico were to take back children from their own country, as well as others with adult supervision.

In regards to other nationalities, such as kids from Guatemala, Honduras, or El Salvador, the US would, in turn, fly them safely back to their homeland, if they’d tried to cross the border into the United States.

So, the agreement was simple: Mexico would take responsibility for its own border-crossing citizens and America – namely its Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) – would organise travel for any non-Mexican children to get back to their country of origin.

545 Children Are Still Separated From Their Parents Under Trump's 'Zero-Tolerance' Border PolicyPA Images

However, the US haa simply been expelling these non-Mexican children across the borders of Mexico, leaving the country to pick up the pieces, The New York Times reports.

These vulnerable children have no families or support network in place in Mexico, having not hailed from here, and are simply left to be taken into Mexican child protection services.

Naturally, the news has outraged people both in the US and Mexico, as well as around the world, with the manner ICE have handled the wellbeing of non-American children.

The Trump administration has implemented an aggressive and often cruel approach when it comes to dealing with immigration and refugee status, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, with at least 200 kids having been dumped into Mexico over the last eight months.

But during the process it has separated hundreds of children from their parents, leaving many families torn apart.

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An email from the US Border Patrol’s assistant chief, Eduardo Sanchez, confirmed the violation:

Recently, we have identified several suspected instances where Single Minors (SM) from countries other than Mexico have been expelled via ports of entry rather than referred to ICE Air Operations for expulsion flights.

Please note that if not corrected, these actions will place Title 42 operations in significant jeopardy and must be ceased immediately.

Title 42 operations refers specifically to the federal public health statue where Trump’s border policy is held.

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‘To reiterate, under no circumstances should a SM from a country other than Mexico be knowingly expelled to Mexico,’ Sanchez further stated.

Border Patrol’s Rio Grande Valley sector, Brian Hastings, is cited as knowing the errors had taken place and Mark Morgan, who is the acting commissioner of the Customs and Border Protection agency, says if this is indeed the case then it is in direct violation of said diplomatic agreement.

Currently, Trump is seeking to secure another four years of tough immigration policy, among other things, through re-election. He faces Democrat candidate, and former VP to the Obama administration, Joe Biden. The 2020 US election takes place on 3 November.

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